For a business, energy is everything: data, advice and expertise on this topic can make the difference in a company's growth path. Customers need timely, complete and easy to find information, in order to be able to make the most informed choice. Enel Energia meets these needs of business customers with a consolidated approach: multi-channels.

Multi-channels means being there at the right moment and in the ideal way for companies, with the right person and the answers that professionals and companies are looking for. The starting point of this report is an open door by Enel Energia on the real world, thanks to more than 900 direct and indirect Spazio Enel throughout Italy and a vast sales network of account managers, agents and consultants. This extensive network is the best way to get to know our customers, listen to them and explain what it means for an entrepreneur to rely on Enel Energia: to always have someone on hand, a click or call away for every need.

Business customers have complex needs and demanding challenges, in their relationship with Enel Energia they will need technical assistance or commercial consultancy on supply: we know that in these moments we need direct contact, continuously available, with an experienced operator who is familiar with a company's specific needs. For this reason, we have  a dedicated call centre in operation, with operators ready to assist in all matters concerning the supply of businesses. For any request, just dial the toll-free number 800900860 from Italy (select button 3 to talk to a specialised consultant) or +39 0664511012 from abroad, for a fee at the cost applied by your telephone operator. The service is always free (even from a mobile phone), the call is handled in Italy and the number is active every day (excluding national holidays) from 7 am to 10 pm.

A vital aspect for those who manage a company's energy supply is transparency, which takes the form of a combination of clarity, legibility and completeness of information at its disposal. Attention to detail can determine the growth of a business and its success, Enel Energia knows this and for this reason it has designed a portal dedicated to professionals and companies, with all the tools needed to keep consumption, services and bills under control. In the dedicated business area, the customer has a brief overview of the supplies and the latest invoices issued, a message area that collects communications with Enel Energia and a section with all the tools needed to independently manage their supplies. There are many operations available for the customer: they can pay or reschedule the bills in instalments, choose the activation of online bills or direct debit on the current account, request changes to the power and voltage and much more. There is also a constantly available live chat, allowing you access to Enel Energia consultants ready to meet the technical and commercial needs of companies.

Customers with more supplies or with an activity that requires a particularly high energy requirement (over 20 MWh of light or 5,000 cubic metres of gas) also have the opportunity to take a deeper look at the data concerning their company and monitor corporate energy consumption in detail, thanks to the advanced reporting service, Report Billing Management (RBM). In the RBM section the customer will find analysis on the amounts, the billed consumptions, the measurements with daily and hourly details for each active supply. The RBM is a real data mine, always accessible and always exportable, a tool designed to meet the needs of companies.

So many channels that bring the companies that choose Enel Energia as an energy partner, closer.