Enel Energia arrives on LinkedIn

An increasingly integrated communication, thorough and capable of telling the story of Enel Energia's work with dynamism. This is the philosophy behind the new Enel Energia LinkedIn page. After consolidating its presence on the main social media networks, Enel Energia has now arrived on the largest platform for professionals in the world, with its over 560 million users.

Italy is carving out a particular space on this social media network, with a good 11 million subscribers, which earned it third place in Europe for national community extension. LinkedIn is the place where to be to talk about work, but especially to talk about your own work. In addition to recruiting, and therefore to all users resorting to LinkedIn to search for jobs, the platform is a reference point for professionals and companies looking for opportunities for their business.

As many as 70% of active users use this social network to find information about companies, build an opinion on brands and choose products or services. LinkedIn is therefore the right place to build a stable relationship with people, telling others about your company with valuable content, aimed at a conscious, critical and qualified audience.


The best way to tell a story about a company is through the work it does every day and no-one can do this better than Enel Energia employees. Thus, Enel Energia's LinkedIn page will also be a place to get to know company key players, meet them and discover what it means to give energy to thousands of homes and businesses thanks to them.

Enel Energia opens its doors doing so in the true sense of the word. Proof of this is the video that accompanied the new LinkedIn page launch, with employees as the protagonists. A set of faces, stories and dreams that are the strength of every company. The opening and the diversity for Enel Energia are faces of the same coin, two essential points to translate an idea of the future into concrete actions and in this way provide innovation.

From today, it will be even easier to get to know Enel Energia, follow the events it promotes, find out about its services and give a face to those who share their energy in their work, day after day.

Follow the Enel Energia page and find out more about the company that brings energy to 12 million customers.