Enel Energia and Ferriera Valsabbia: in the new agreement the future of energy sustainability

Innovation is also a question of links and partnership. Enel Energia has inaugurated a new type of long-term agreement with Ferriera Valsabbia, a multinational company in the reinforcing bar, which opens up new possibilities for energy sustainability. The horizon is five years, during which a percentage of the electricity consumed by the Ironworks will come from a hydroelectric plant very close to the plant, 10 km away, and will be produced by renewable sources. It starts from 26 GWh/year on a consumption of 400 GWh/year, but the intention is to gradually increase this quota: the energy will be sustainable because it is from renewable sources and from a short distance plant, with a contract that certifies guarantees of origin. "For us it is a great source of pride to be the first to have started this type of collaboration", comments Ruggero Brunori, CEO of Ferriera Valsabbia.

The link with the territory has always been a central value both for Enel Energia and for Ferriera Valsabbia, which is located in Odolo, in the Brescia area, in a district where the steel industry has historically been rooted. "The territory has always first of all provided us with very valid workers, our competitiveness also derives from this, the skill of the people ", explains Brunori, "Having focused on the hydroelectric plant strengthens this link with our places". For Enel Energia, this is the confirmation of a direction undertaken for some time. "The agreement we have signed is part of the energy transition, decarbonisation and research on renewables, in which Enel is a leader worldwide", confirms Pietro Landini, Head of Pricing, Supply and National Account of Enel Energia. "Awareness of climate change, attention to the demands of companies, ability to create new products, adaptation and speed of action": these are the ingredients of the strategy towards sustainability, told by another protagonist of the agreement, Paolo Nardini, Head of National Sales Account of Enel Energia.

It is significant that the first agreement of this type was signed with Ferriera Valsabbia, a company founded in 1954 and always based on strong attention on the sustainability front. "It is in our DNA", explains Brunori, "Thanks to the electric furnace we produce steel without the use of iron ore, a limited natural resource, but recovering and recycling discarded iron scrap thus protecting the environment". Its leadership in the sector has led the rounds of Ferriera Valsabbia to be also in the reinforced concrete of the foundation of the new bridge built in Genoa and designed by Renzo Piano. "We have been collaborating with Enel for a lifetime in research and development of the right energy mix. For a company like ours, their know-how and their wealth of knowledge are essential to guide us in the direction of saving and energy efficiency. The new agreement is important because it is not financial but practical, concrete, it takes place on the territory, it is useful in the immediate present ".

The sustainability of energy sources is a virtuous circle, as Landini explains: "The increase in the demand for renewables by companies also comes from a push from end customers, stakeholders, institutions, everything contributes to creating awareness and research". One of the best tools to provide effective answers is precisely in one of the key terms of this agreement: the duration of five years, instead of the traditional one-year horizon. "Mutual long-term support is important for the investments necessary for the transition, transforming the supply contract into a real partnership". In short, with this agreement between Enel Energia and Ferriera Valsabbia an alliance has been renewed and among the objectives of this alliance there is precisely greener energy for the present and for the future. "It's complicated, it requires work, but we have no alternatives, if we want to be on the market also the day after tomorrow", concludes Brunori, "Studying more sustainable systems has become an existential need".