What to do if the bill and emails do not arrive

Find out what to do if you don't receive communications from Enel Energia

If you have difficulty receiving communications, documents or bills from Enel Energia, try to follow our simple advice:

  • verify that the e-mail address used for registration in Customer Area o App is correct
  • check the settings of your e-mail account and the list of blocked senders, to be sure you have not blocked the receipt of Enel Energia messages
  • if you use an email account @alice, enable our address noreply.enelenergia@enel.com among trusted senders
  • if you have an e-mail account with the @gmail domain, check that Enel Energia messages are not in your Inbox or Spam folder, remember that you may find them in the "Updates/Updates" folder (depending on the language you have chosen for your email account)
  • if you use an account with the @hotmail domain, remember that messages in the «Spam» folder are automatically moved to the «Trash» after a certain period. Furthermore, if you open messages from an e-mail address several times and then delete them, the next time they will be automatically forwarded to the «Spam» folder (in this case you will have to contact your e-mail provider directly).

Still having trouble receiving our emails? If you have decided to change your email provider, you can change your email address directly:

  • within the Customer Area, selecting the «Account» item and clicking on «Manage Contacts» in the «Data and Contacts» section 
  • in the App, selecting the «Account» item and clicking on «Edit» in the «Data and Contacts» section .

We also remind you that if you change your email address, the one indicated for the Bolletta Web service.