Don't receive our e-mails? Find out what to do

That's why you don't receive Enel Energia e-mails

Our tips on how to solve problems related to non-receipt of communications and bills.

Do you find it difficult to receive some communications from Enel Energia or do you happen to not obtain the documents you requested? Don't worry, the solution is at hand. In any case, our first advice is to check and download all your bills directly in the Customer Area on the website, or on the Enel Energia App. Why? It is simple and immediate! Or, if you have it, you might think about using your PEC: the certified e-mail service.

One of the most common mistakes that can happen is to mistakenly block the reception of messages. Try checking your e-mail settings to verify that you have not accidentally entered the address among the blocked senders .

If you haven't solved the problem yet, below are some simple tips that may affect specific domains of email:

  • Check if the e-mail address you entered in the Customer Area is correct or not.

  • If you use a @alice email account, please enable our address as a trusted sender.

  • If you use an e-mail account with domain @gmail, and you notice that the e-mail messages from Enel Energia are neither found in the "Inbox" or in the "Spam", remember that you may find them in the "Updates" folder (depending on the language you have chosen for your email account).

  • If you use an account with domain @hotmail be careful, the messages in the spam box after some time are automatically moved to the trash. Also, if you open messages from a certain address several times and then delete them, the next time they will be automatically forwarded to your spam folder. In this case you will need to contact your e-mail provider directly.

Still having trouble receiving our emails? If you have decided to use a different e-mail provider, you can easily change the reference e-mail address in the Customer Area, under Account<Edit Contacts or always in the Customer Area and APP by changing the address of the Web Bill service.