Participate in the Member get Member initiative

Suggest one of our Enel Energia offers, and you could receive up to €150 in rewards.

Enel Energia is always by your side and wants to reward your loyalty and word of mouth with friends and colleagues to introduce them to the quality of our services. That's why we launched the "Dillo ad un amico" initiative, the program that allows you to receive cash rewards directly to your bank account or PayPal by inviting friends and family to become Enel Energia customers.

How the program works:

The concept behind "Dillo ad un amico" is simple and advantageous for all participants. Whether or not you are an Enel Energia customer, you can recommend Enel Energia offers to a friend or relative. It's important that you are at least 18 years old, a resident in Italy, and not the holder of a contract with Enel Energia for Placet, ultima istanza, and tutela gas offers. If the person who received your invitation subscribes to a contract for power or natural gas, both you and your friend will receive a reward of 30 € each in the form of cashback, for a total of 60 €.

Here are some important details:

Maximum 5 rewards for you and 5 for your friend: you can invite as many friends as you want and make as many subscriptions as you like, but you will only be credited with the first 5 rewards for a total of 150 €. Your friends can also subscribe to as many supplies as they want, but they will also receive up to a maximum of 5 rewards each, for a total of 150 €.

Rewards will be credited within 120 days from the date of your friend's contract subscription.

What to do to receive the rewards:

Getting the credit and ensuring your friend gets the same is simple. The person to whom you send the referral link just needs to follow these instructions:

  • Open the received referral link.
  • Choose one of the offers included in the initiative.
  • Subscribe to the contract independently, without the assistance of an operator.
  • Opt for a takeover, a switch from another operator, or a first activation for electricity (excluding operations such as changing offers and transferring ownership).
  • Ensure that the person who subscribed to the contract has received the activation communication email.

To receive the 30 € bonus, it will be necessary to register on the Aklamio portal and provide your bank details or PayPal, where the rewards will be credited.

These quick steps will allow you to receive rewards while helping your friends and family save with Enel Energia offers. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this initiative and share the benefits of Enel Energia with those who matter to you the most. Invite your friends, family, and colleagues to join the initiative, and you both will receive a reward!

Enel Energia is always by your side, offering affordable and reliable energy. "Dillo ad un amico" is the perfect way to share the benefits and services of Enel Energia with your friends while also earning rewards.

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If you're already an Enel Energia customer, invite your friends to enjoy together all the advantages designed for you. Choosing Enel Energia means having access to specialized customer assistance for managing supplies independently, exploring in-depth articles dedicated to the world of energy and fiber, and participating in the innovative and advantageous initiatives of our loyalty program ENELPREMIA WOW!, in addition to numerous ongoing promotions to always surprise you.

Every day, we strive to make the management of your supplies simple and intuitive, innovating digital services that help you save time and manage everything independently.

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