Change size and consumption

Find out everything you need to know about changing your energy supply

Change size

If the agreed size does not correspond to your actual consumption, you can change it and you can do so independently from the Customer Area. You can request a size change if you are an Enel Energia customer.

To change your capacity:

  • login to our Customer Area
  • click on the "Your Supply" button
  • select "Change Capacity"
  • choose the capacity you want

You will receive an email confirming the change.

When I can change my capacity?
You can change capacity after you receive your first bill, which is calculated based on the capacity you chose when you signed the contract. Note, you cannot change capacity if you are:

  • making a transfer
  • switching to another supplier
  • requesting disconnection.

Change your gas consumption

To align real and agreed consumption, if you have E-Light or E-Light Gas offer, you can independently change the agreed consumption in your Customer Area.  For example, if you have noticed that your bi-monthly consumption does not correspond to that established in the contract, you can align your agreed consumption with the current one. You can change the consumption if you are an Enel Energia customer and have signed up for the e-Light Luce or e-Light Gas offer.

Changing the consumption is very simple:

  • access the Customer Area  
  • click on the "Your Supply" button 
  • select the item from the Bolletta Chiara menu
  • enter the new consumption, in kWh for electricity and in Smc for gas

You will then receive an e-mail confirming the change.

When can consumption be changed?
You can change your bimonthly consumption in the last 20 days of the contract year. To know the exact period in which to carry out the change in the customer area:

  • click on the "Your Supply" button 
  • select the item from the Bolletta Chiara menu