From shop to space, the new identity of sales points Enel Energia

More than 900 sales points, 80.000 square metres of interior and1.900 shop windows. These are the figures of the shops Enel Energia, a network of sales points rooted in the region from north to south and open every day to welcome customers and help them in all phases of their relationship with Enel Energia.

Now for these shops, a new phase has begun, in which they will change in form and substance. The goal of Shop restyling Enel Energia is to build a new identity by opening up to customers and revolves around our intention to be more welcoming, inclusive and attentive to every possibility of improving their lives.

Every change process starts with a new name and shops Enel Energia are no exception: they will be transformed from shops into spaces, places where the vocation is not just commercial - selling something, as happens in a store - but opening up, introducing yourself and informing.

We started by listening to customers: we tried to understand what the shops have been for them so far and the answer was clear: a place for solving problems and receiving support on commercial or administrative issues. This path has led us to identify the fundamental needs that each customer has in the relationship with the company: finding competent personnel and helping them solve problems as quickly as possible. All this in a welcoming environment.

We have therefore decided to change perspective by redefining our spaces and have based ourselves on three pillars. The desire to create welcoming places, the aim of informing customers in order to bring benefits to their everyday life and the need to offer accessible and useable services to the greatest possible number of people. The path we have taken is aimed at creating a new relationship with customers and translates into a new aesthetic based on the idea of transparency and openness.

These concepts will be recalled visually already starting from our shop windows, crossed by beams of light that create evocative plays of colour and invite passers-by to visit an open space projected towards the outside, reflecting its openness Enel Energia towards people. The restyling also concerns the interior spaces, lending an aesthetic continuity to the windows and making all the spaces welcoming and pleasant, and also the information materials on the offers, simple and able to describe our services through people who live and breathe energy.

The renewal process was launched in the spaces of Milan, Rome and Matera and the restyling process will subsequently extend to all other shops in the area. From our spaces, a new season has been initiated, allowing us to construct a thoroughly renewed identity and presence in the region.