If you do not choose one of the offers of the free market, from January 1, 2024, in replacement of the gas protection offer, you will be automatically applied new contractual and economic conditions, related to the Placet offer for non-vulnerable customers referred to in Article 2 paragraph 3 of Arera Resolution 100/2023, which provide the following components:

  • 1. PFIX = 105 euros/year VAT and taxes excluded

    This value, which is fixed and invariable, is applied on a monthly basis and displayed according to the billing periodicity.

  • 2. PVOL = P_INGM+ α, constituting a variable component as follows:

    = expressed in Euro/Smc is the price to cover natural gas supply costs, equal to the monthly average of the PSV price, determined in the manner set forth in Article 6 of the TIVG and published on the Authority's website

    = 0.05254 euro/Smc is a value set by the Authority, equal to the sum of the CCR component (determined and updated by the Authority) and the variable portion of the QVD component defined pursuant to the TIVG and invariable for 12 (twelve) months from the effective date of the supply conditions, to cover the additional costs of procurement and delivery of natural gas to the end customer.

The new prices, excluding vat and taxes, will be valid from 01/01/2024, for 12 months (without prejudice to the six-monthly update of the CCR component) at the end of which, if you have not chosen a free market offer, the contractual and economic conditions related to the PLACET Gas Variabile Consumer offer that will be communicated to you according to the modalities and timing provided for in Article 14 of Arera Resolution 555/2017/R/COM will be automatically applied.

All remaining expense components (the expense for the transportation and meter management service and the expense for system charges for the tariff area in which the supply point falls) will be applied as defined, published and periodically updated by the Regulatory Authority for Energy Networks and Environment (ARERA). Enel Energia will indicate these changes within the bills.