New pagoPA payment notice

What is pagoPA

pagoPA is a simple, safe and transparent payment system with which you can pay to Enel Energia via Payment Service Providers (PSP) participating in the pagoPA system, such as banks, post offices, payment and electronic money institutions.

How you can pay via pagoPA

You can continue to pay from the Enel Energia portal, by registering in the Customer Area, using the your credit card issued in the SEPA area adhering to the VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO, AMEX, DINERS circuits, your BancomatPay account, PayPal, MyBank, pagoPA or by App using your credit card belonging to the VISA, MASTERCARD circuits, your PayPal account, pagoPA.

Furthermore, with the new payment notice you can pay (list of payment channels on

  • online with the IO app or through the website/app of your bank or other pagoPA enabled channels
  • on the territory at the physical channels referable to Enel Energia (enabled Spazio Enel), at the bank, at the ATM, at the receivership, at all post office points, at the supermarket and at all authorized physical points.

The benefits for you

The advantages you can get from using the pagoPA service are many: using any of the payment methods indicated above, you will not have to send any receipt! We will automatically register your payment.

In addition, during the payment phase, the amount could be automatically updated and possibly undergo decreasing variations (for offsets with credit amounts, adjustments, etc.).

There will be no further commissions additional than those established by the Payment Service Providers participating in the pagoPA system.