pagoPA payment notice

What is pagoPA

pagoPA is a simple, safe and transparent payment system with which you can pay to Enel Energia via Payment Service Providers (PSP) participating in the pagoPA system.

Where to pay with pagoPA

PAY ONLINE with the IO App, on the Enel Energia website or App, from your Home Banking or with other enabled online channels.

PAY IN THE TERRITORY at the physical channels referable to Enel Energia (Spazio Enel enabled), banks and ATMs, post offices, bars, newsagents, betting shops, supermarkets, tobacconists and other affiliated merchants.

For more information, visit the site pagoPA.

The advantages of pagoPA

Using any of the above payment methods, you will not have to send any receipt, we will automatically register your payment.

You will always be sure to pay the amount due, in fact, during the payment phase, the amount could be updated automatically and possibly undergo decreases due to offsets with credit amounts, adjustments, etc.

The pagoPA notice contains all the information you need, in a standard and easy-to-understand format. Scan the QR code if you are using a payment App, alternatively, use the data shown on the notice for all other payment channels that require it.

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pagoPA costs and commissions

The commission costs associated with the payment do not depend on Enel Energia or the pagoPA platform, but they vary according to the channel and the payment method that you have chosen.

Click on the following link to find out the costs of payment fees in a transparent way.