Social media is an important building block in the relationship we have with our customers.
We are present on every platform to make it easy for you to get in touch with us: the page Facebook, the account Instagram, the profile Twitter Enel Energia e Enel Energia Help, dedicated exclusively to assistance, Telegram and the channel LinkedIn. The daily combination of these tools helps us to inform, to share our world and our vision of energy, but also to provide the customer with assisstance, fulfilling their requests and offering practical solutions to their needs. The digital community we want to create around Enel Energia is born from the combination of these two activities, social engagement and active support. We always focus directly on the customer, with their personal experience, that we want to make ever more fluid and satisfying, because happy customers are the first ambassadors of our services.

The availability that a company like ours has on digital platforms is critical: today 80% of people first use social media to ask a brand for information. We know that for most consumers the first automatic reflex, if they have a doubt or a question, is to contact the Facebook  page or Twitter. For this reason we have extended our ability to respond as quickly as possible, with a personalised assistance service on Messenger and @twitterhelp active every day from 9 am to 9 pm.

Moreover, with the help of the new bot Enel Energia, you have the opportunity to independently perform, without time limits and in an easy and fast way, a series of operations such as meter readings, checking the status of payments or activation of the contract, the search for the nearest Enel Shop in real time.

Do you want to activate a new contract instead? In addition to Messenger the site, the chat is active 7 days a week, from 8 am to 11 pm.

Our idea of proximity to customers

The keyword of our relationship with customers, within which this social activity fits, is omnichannel: 64% of consumers choose to have a relationship with a brand by following this strategy, which integrates physical and virtual channels into one experience. Whether it's a shop, a voice on the phone, a chat or interaction on social media, for the customer it is always a matter of Enel Energia. Our goal is to reinforce this perception of fluidity and continuity in management, conveying the message that people can choose the medium they consider themselves to be most suitable and at ease with. From this point of view there is also the development of Artificial Intelligence tools, which help us to bridge the evening and night-time gap of the availability hours, providing practical information and addressing urgent issues in a priority channel for operators, as soon as normal service hours resume.

Investments in Artificial Intelligence, in fact, do not replace personal communication with customers but increase our ability to manage customer requests, strengthening the reliability of our assistance. By simplifying the procedures, we can reduce the time and preside over different digital touchpoints. In this perspective, AI is a great opportunity to be closer to the needs and habits of all the people who rely on our services.

We are growing every day while always staying at your side, to increase the level and quality of assistance with a 360 degree perspective.