If you need to move your power and/or gas meter with active supply, contact one of our contact channels.

In all other cases, forward the request to territorially competent distributor:

  • displacement of discontinued supply meter (i.e. without power/gas supply contract);
  • supply with medium and high voltage electricity supply (power supply).

If necessary, the distributor will carry out an inspection and send (possibly also through the seller) an estimate with the type of work and the expected cost.

Costs and times for moving the meter

The cost of the service is determined:

  • a forfait, if the movement takes place within ten meters of the point of origin;
  • a relative expense i.e. based on the distance from the original location of the meter. 

Once the estimate has been accepted and/or the payment of the expected contribution has been communicated, the distributor will proceed with the execution of the works. The times for carrying out the move can vary from 10 to 60 working days, based on the type of work.