We inform you that we may contact you:

  • for proposing our offers of power and natural gas on the free market;
  • once the contract has been signed, to inform you of the activation of the supply or on issues related to the management of your supply.

You can check, below, if the number that contacted you is among those authorized by Enel Energia.

Check the phone number here

Right to object to the processing of personal data

If you don't want to receive calls for the proposal of offers, proceed by following the instructions indicated.

For more information, consult the privacy policy of Enel Energia S.p.A.


  • If you are one of our customers registered in the Private Area, access the page dedicated to the management of consents directly;
  • If you are one of our customers, but are not yet registered in the Private Area, register or contact one of our operators through the channels described below;
  • If you are not one of our customers, you can fill in the fields below, directly with your data.

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Remember that if you are a registered user you can also change your consents from the Private Area or the APP.


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The request could not be started.

Sorry, it was not possible to process your request.


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Enel Energia undertakes every day to implement actions aimed at countering the phenomenon of suspicious calls.

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Misleading phone calls in the name of Enel Energia

Fraudulent calls generally come from from anonymous or unknown mobile numbers, often from abroad. Scammers can pretend to be Enel Energia operators, asking for sums of money or trying to obtain personal information.

To defend yourself, pay attention to:

  • unexpected communications and/or not related to your previous requests;
  • the authenticity of the caller, which you can verify on this page;
  • to any requests for personal codes or confidential data that Enel Energia never requests;
  • the reason for the call, the tone and behavior of the caller.