After Milano, #Enelincircolo arrives in Padova too.

After the positive response of the citizens and the wonderful result achieved in the city of Milano, the #ENELINCIRCOLO initiative continues its work to raise awareness on the issues of reuse and environmental sustainability making a stop in Padova, home to one of the oldest universities in the world and priceless works of our artistic heritage and cultural; an ideal venue to guide consciences towards the "recycling philosophy", favor the achievement of sustainable development goals and expand the idea of ​Circular economy, through the enhancement of those products that have reached the end of their cycle vital.

#WastExhibition is an initiative that is not limited to being enclosed within a defined and limited space. Indeed, just as light spreads seamlessly, our initiative embraces more places, grafting itself into the urban fabric of the city, "normalizing" the relationship that people have towards what is normally considered unproductive, when not an annoying encumbrance. #Enelincircolo is divided into different points of the urban center, actively involving all the Spazio Enel of the city, making them part of the transformation process and centers for the diffusion of Enel Energia's idea for the future.

A message of hope

Our Spazio Enel stores are one of the nerve centers of change we have in mind for Padova. Until November 14 it is possible to bring those commonly used objects that lie forgotten in a corner of our homes to the points participating in the initiative, but which can still write a new story. Once collected, these objects will be entrusted to the care of master Dario Tironi, an artist who creates works with those objects that represent a message of hope.

Taking inspiration from the same materials he uses, Tironi in his works expresses, in a harmony of classic proportions that represent our own identity, the synthesis of the encounter between that consumer society in which we are all immersed in the ancient, and a little nostalgic, beauty that transpires from the looks and poses of his sculptures.

At the same time an exhibition path was set up along via Cavour, populated by objects that belong to our everyday life, to underline the enormous importance of the themes of safeguarding environmental and the fundamental contribution that each of us can make to improve the world around us. The exhibition ends in Piazza Cavour where you can admire the work of Dario Tironi made with waste materials recovered from the #ENELINCIRCOLO stage in Milano. Four other works born from the artist's creativity have been exhibited in all Spazio Enel in the city so that they can be admired by passers-by.

With the disused objects collected by the citizens of Padova, another work of art will be created in which each of us will be able to see a part of himself.

WastExhibition - Mall

The event also has its own diffusion and aggregation pole within the “Le Brentelle” shopping center, where a fixed Enel Energia station and one of the ten display cases on Via Cavour were set up. Here too there is a collection point for waste objects to allow citizens to participate in the initiative and become part of the works of Dario Tironi. This space is made available every week to the entrepreneurs of the Spazio Enel Partner of the city, in order to bring users closer to the key topics of the initiative and develop a positive exchange of ideas and opinions, enriching and raising awareness visitors in one of the symbolic places of modernity.

WastExhibition - Catalog

Even the WastExhibition deserves to be celebrated with an ad hoc catalog!

A precious volume has been created which, in addition to offering an overview of the works created by Dario Tironi as part of the #Enelincircolo project, contains insights and advice dedicated to the topic of circular economy.

The catalog is available in all Spazio Enel in Padova and is available free of charge to citizens who come to visit us.

Don't miss the initiative!

Your contribution is important to keep attention on reuse issues, improve everyone's quality of life and as a legacy for the generations to come after us.

All the initiatives will be carried out in compliance with the anti-contagion regulations in force and with the preparation of all the security systems in accordance with the law.

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