An open-air exhibition

#ENELINCIRCOLO goes to Verona

The initiative of #ENELINCIRCOLO around for Italy he never stops and continues his journey by stopping in Verona: a city of art par excellence where tradition and culture have been part of the Veronese and Venetian community for centuries. Even today, countless shows, artistic and cultural initiatives involving citizens take place within the millenary walls of the city arena, and where millions of tourists flock every year to admire the ancient alleys of the city chosen by William Shakespeare to set one of the most beautiful and overwhelming tragedies ever written, Romeo and Juliet.

In this open-air museum, we want to invite citizens to contribute together with us to give due attention to the issues of environmental protection, in which everyone can do its part to maintain and strengthen the fragile balance that binds us to the environment around us, transforming waste products and our "old" objects into what we call "art", overturning the concept of "waste" with a completely new paradigm that revolutionizes the concept of beauty, applying it to common objects, giving them a new strength, a new life, a new existence.

The transformation begins with Spazio Enel

From 16 November to 15 December the Spazio Enel of the city will become protagonists of the transformation that is already taking place before our eyes. It will be possible to bring to our Spazio Enel everyday objects that we have forgotten and put aside in our homes, old toys and small appliances disused can still give a lot, becoming spokespersons of the recycling philosophy and protagonists of an artistic work curated by the master Dario Tironi.

The Spazio Enel will be set up with the original works of the artist, videos will present the mechanics of the initiative and will be an opportunity to create a new meeting place with citizens, illustrating the importance of recycling and environmental protection.

The work created by the artist will recall the identity of the city and will become an emblem of the culture of reuse and a memory of experience of Enel in the city of Verona.

A new Spazio Enel for the city

The arrival of the initiative in the city of Verona will be an opportunity to introduce ourselves to the city with a big news: the change of headquarters of the Spazio Enel from Piazza San Nicolò at Corso Milano 110. A gazebo will be set up on 1 and 2 december in the new location where young people from Verona and their families can participate in playful-creative activities on the theme of sustainability.
Children will be busy creating Christmas decorations using reused materials to give life to many small "eco-works" of art.

In addition to the initiatives planned for the new Spazio Enel in Corso Milano 110, in Verona three other Spazio Enel Partners will be involved in the initiative:

  • Spazio Enel Partner - Stradone Porta Palio 25 B
  • Spazio Enel Partner - Via Legnago 39
  • Spazio Enel Partner - Viale del Commercio 31, SOAVE

Also in these dedicated spaces, collection points will be set up where it will be possible to leave your everyday objects to make them protagonists of recycling in a new artistic guise.

Come and visit us!

A dedicated catalog which, in addition to offering an overview of the works created by Dario Tironi as part of the #Enelincircolo project, will contain in-depth studies dedicated to the themes of the circular economy. The catalog will be available in all Spazio Enel in Verona.

All the initiatives will be carried out in compliance with the anti-contagion regulations in force and with the provision of all security systems in accordance with the law.

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