Energy Management System is Enel X's digital platform designed for monitoring and analyzing the energy consumption of your business. Thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms, the platform allows you to have full visibility on the values ​​of energy expenditure, remotely and in real time, through a series of advanced features.

Multiple features

Digital Energy Management collects, analyzes and makes visible the values ​​of energy expenditure - such as consumption, costs and other variables - providing complete visibility on an important dimension, energy, which impacts on all business sectors, helping customers to identify the most effective and efficient actions for correct energy optimization.

The consumption monitoring platform is navigable online and boasts multiple features:

  • Descriptive: visualization of energy consumption at site or portfolio level and comparison between different sites with standard and customizable performance indicators. Wide choice of dashboard dashboards to keep the most important information under control and monitor consumption trends, edited in a few simple guided steps.
  • Predictive: calculation and visualization of consumption and cost forecasts.
  • Analytics: automatic identification of potential savings thanks to the comparison between actual consumption and ideal consumption models created according to the parameters that really affect the energy performance of the specific site.
  • Monitoring of renewable production: visualization of production data from distributed generation assets with analysis and graphical representation of input, withdrawal and self-consumption profiles.
  • Reporting: creation of customizable reports of various types (energy, sustainability, cost, etc.). Furthermore, the platform is also able to monitor energy efficiency projects based on PMVP international standards. (International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol).
  • Alerting: customized configuration of notifications that, via e-mail, warn in the event of time slots with unexpected consumption, deviation from a predefined control band, thresholds exceeded or no signal.

To complete the offer, Enel X offers professional consultancy services specialized in the technical-financial assessments of potential energy efficiency measures and takes care of the procedures necessary to obtain energy efficiency certificates (TEE).

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With the Energy Management service, manage your business in a sustainable way thanks to the energy consumption data collection software offered by Enel X

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