Comfort Management by Enel X is a remote management solution for air conditioning systems which, thanks to the application of Data Science tools and data monitoring, allows to identify the opportunity to improve comfort and at the same time to reduce energy consumption linked to air conditioning.

Thanks to a "data driven" approach, the customer service levels are always satisfied and in case of need it is always possible to exclude remote control. The technical, environmental and regulatory constraints of the plants subject to remote management are always respected. Precisely because we start from the data we can predict the expected improvement margins and guarantee performance.

The adoption of the Comfort Management service does not require any modification to the existing system or interference with the maintenance service and adapts to any monitoring systems already present on site. In this way it is possible to make a non-invasive improvement of the efficiency of the plants through automatic control logics, customized on the basis of the variables that influence consumption for the site in question.


  • Non-invasive integration of existing spaces
  • Ability to stop remote management at any time
  • Continuous updating of the adjustment parameters as the external environmental conditions and indoor air quality vary

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Thanks to Comfort Management, the management of air conditioning systems becomes simpler, more sustainable and helps meet the energy needs of your company.

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