• Supplier change

    I've already a contract with another supplier, but I'd like to move to Enel

  • First activation

    I want to activate a new counter

  • Takeover

    I want to re-activate a disabled counter

  • Transfer

    I want to change header to a supply contract

  • Transfer with Supplier Change

    I want to switch to Enel and change the name of a contract

  • Showing all

    I want to show all Enel deals

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Open Energy

Our first monthly subscription and you pay the energy component as we pay it

New digital plan
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With the purchase of the subscription, the customer pays the energy component at the wholesale market price, as specified in the Technical Economic Conditions. This value will be increased by the grid losses applied as defined, published and updated by ARERA and currently equal to 10.2% of consumption. The customer is also responsible for the costs for dispatching (including unbalancing), the DISPbt component (applicable only for customers with LV supply), the costs for the transport service and management of the meter and system charges, which are applied as defined, published and periodically updated by ARERA and as indicated in the Technical-Economic Conditions of the offer and in the General Supply Conditions.

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