• Supplier change

    I've already a contract with another supplier, but I'd like to move to Enel

  • First activation

    I want to activate a new counter

  • Takeover

    I want to re-activate a disabled counter

  • Transfer

    I want to change header to a supply contract

  • Transfer with Supplier Change

    I want to switch to Enel and change the name of a contract

  • New Activation

    I need to activate the Fiber for the first time in my home.

  • Migration

    I already have a Fibra offer in my home and I would like to take advantage of Enel Energia's offer.

  • Showing all

    I want to show all Enel deals

Featured offers

Formidabile Luce Impresa

Today with Enel, you have a new formidable offer for your business with a bonus of € 150 over 12 months

Energy component composed of monthly average PUN differentiated by time slots + consumption contribution of €0.0396/kWh and CCV €12/month for the first 12 months (excluding VAT and taxes). Bonus on the bill of €12.50/month for 12 months. Other expenditure components as defined by the CTE.

The origin of the energy from renewable sources is certified through the GSE guarantee of origin system.

Power for businesses

More energy for your work

Whatever your business, Enel Energia has designed different and customised solutions for every need. Give energy to your business, choose Enel Energia!