For you who are our customer

We have collected promotions and services that Enel Energia dedicates to you as a customer, to go beyond words

We want to show you how much we care

Every day we strive to make the management of your electricity and gas supplies simple and intuitive, innovating digital services that help you save time and manage everything independently.
And we want to do even more with the increasingly innovative and advantageous initiatives of our loyalty program ENELPREMIA WOW!, as well as the numerous active promotions to always surprise you.

Here are all the initiatives:

More discounts and benefits

Sign up for the loyalty program ENELPREMIA WOW! to have many discounts and special gifts every week. Access the section ENELPREMIA WOW! from the Customer Area or from the Enel Energia App, registration is completely free and immediately a welcome gift for you!

Up to €10 extra in the bill

Activate free direct debit and web bill for your supply and get up to € 10 bonus. You can also manage payments and supplies from the comfort of your home.

Activating the Web Bill and Direct Debit services is simple and immediate. Let's find out how!

Melita fiber promo

Whether you are already an Enel Energia electricity or gas customer or want to become one, if you request the Melita Fiber you will have the first 3 months of the service fee in promotion* for only 9€ per month (VAT included), instead of 27€.


* Promo valid until 31/05/2021

supply management

Activate our Alexa Skill

If you activate the official Enel Energia Skill for Alexa, you will be able to manage your offers and all our services in a much more intuitive way. For example, you can change plans for ENEL ONE or monitor your consumption simply by using your voice! Download it now!