How to manage your Enel Energia power and gas supplies with Alexa

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Enrich your experience with the Enel Energia Skill for Alexa

In a world that is becoming more hectic every day, Enel Energia accompanies its customers with technological solutions capable of simplifying everyday life. With the Official Skill of Enel Energia you can interact with Alexa, the virtual assistant of Amazon; in a completely new way and get immediate support to manage your power and gas supplies.

You can ask how to pay the invoices, how to activate a service or, if you are already a customer, access the Customer Area and request all the information on your bills, the payment status and their due date and even the progress of a practice in activation.

Activate the Enel Energia Skill as soon as possible and start exploring a new way of thinking about your home. Just ask & quot 'Alexa, open Enel Energia!'

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Thanks to voice assistance you can get general information about your supplies. For example, where to find the customer number or how to change the payment method. You can ask how the loyalty program ENELPREMIA WOW! and what gifts there are in store each week, or you can get help with reporting a breakdown. Our Alexa Skill will answer all your questions!


If you are already an Enel Energia customer, our Skill can provide you with valid support for the management of your supplies. You can log in with your credentials and ask for information on the payment status of your bills, check the amount of the last bill or the activation status of your contract.


Do you have any doubts? Download now the questions available for those who are already Enel Energia customers!


The skill is designed for Amazon Echo, Echo Plus and Echo Dot devices, and is also available with the same features for Echo Spot and Echo Show. You can use Alexa without devices by downloading only the App on your smartphone or tablet.

ENEL ONE, the offer with voice support


Choose one of the five plans of the offer ENEL ONE : check your consumption and Alexa helps you directly to manage your supply!

Download the Enel Energia Skill and ask Alexa 'What plans are available' or 'How can I change my ENEL ONE plan?'.

And if your consumption habits change, Alexa can help you change the plan with a simple voice command : 'I want to change my ENEL ONE plan' and it doesn't cost you anything! In addition, with Alexa, you can monitor your daily consumption and find out the balance of your E-BOX piggy bank.

Download all questions and find out how Alexa can help you better manage your ENEL ONE offer!

Ore Free even more affordable and smart 

If you have activated ORE FREE, Enel Energia's innovative and flexible offer, our Skill is even richer in content for you to better support you on the specific features of your offer. You can ask for information on how to change the time slot of 3 hours a day when the energy component is free or to find out which time slot you have chosen for a specific day, or you can change your Free Hours directly with your voice, all with Amazon's voice assistant! Even the 2G meter will have no more secrets: ask Alexa! 


See the complete list of questions and actions that can be taken if you have already activated the ORE FREE NOW offer.

Enel Energia

Flexible energy for your home

The new innovative and flexible offers with the 2G meter become even smarter thanks to Alexa technology. With the Enel Energia Skill, you can ask your voice assistant about the characteristics of the offers, the requirements to activate them, and learn about the new features in detail!

  • 2G Meter

    €60 bonus

    Enel One

    Discover the energy subscription, with a 60 € bonus if you switch to Enel Energia

    With the support of Alexa, Amazon's voice assistant!

    * The monthly fee is fixed and invariable for 12 months from the date of activation of the supply and includes all the cost items of the bill, VAT and taxes included. The € 60 bonus, including VAT, will be divided into tranches of € 5 per month for 12 months and will be recognized on the invoice starting from the first month of supply.

  • 2G Meter

    Ore Free

    Every day for you THREE HOURS FREE of energy component!

    €0,0/kWh **

    For you who own a second generation tele-meter and a contractual power up to 15 kW

    * Price per kWh applied every day for 21 hours a day and blocked for 24 months.
    ** Price per kWh applied every day in the 3 free daily hours chosen by the customer.
    The price refers only to the energy component (excluding VAT and taxes). This price includes network losses that are applied as defined, published and updated by ARERA. You will also have to pay the marketing and sales fee (CCV Luce) which, for the first 24 months of supply, will be equal to 102 €/POD year (excluding VAT and taxes), to be paid on a monthly basis.

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