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Power and Gas

More Energy for your home

Many Enel Energia offers designed for every need. Choose the one that best suits your consumption. By activating a new Enel Energia power and gas contract for your home, you choose the tranquility and security of an advantageous price!

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Online only!

The convenient solution for switching to Enel Energia with:

Price of the energy component blocked for 24 months
3 innovative tariff plans!
Power Price
0,551 €/kWh *
al kilowattora
CCV Power Price
120 €/Year**

*The price refers only to the energy component of the "Senza Orari" plan equal to 0.551 €/kWh (excluding VAT and taxes). This price is inclusive of the network losses that are applied as defined, published and updated by ARERA. **The price refers to the consideration of marketing and sales (CCV Power) which, for the first 24 months of supply, will be equal to 120 €/POD/year (VAT and taxes excluded), to be paid on a monthly basis.

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E-Light Gas

The offer with the best price of the gas raw material component:

Blocked for the first 24 months
Gas Price
1,89 €/Smc *
allo standard metro cubo
CCV Gas Price
120 €/Year**

*The price refers only to the gas raw material component (excluding VAT and taxes). **The price refers to the marketing and sales price (CCV Gas) which, for the first 24 months of supply, will be equal to 120 €/PDR/year (excluding VAT and taxes) to be paid on a monthly basis.

Power and Gas offers

More Energy for your business

We give energy to your ideas. Choose between the luce and gas proposals for your business; we know how to build the energy you need. Find out what we can do for your business

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Open Energy

Our first monthly subscription and you pay the energy component as we pay it

New digital plan
Customized e-commerce, website and booking online provided by Accenture

With the purchase of the subscription, the customer pays the energy component at the wholesale market price, as specified in the Technical Economic Conditions. This value will be increased by the grid losses applied as defined, published and updated by ARERA and currently equal to 10.2% of consumption. The customer is also responsible for the costs for dispatching (including unbalancing), the DISPbt component (applicable only for customers with LV supply), the costs for the transport service and management of the meter and system charges, which are applied as defined, published and periodically updated by ARERA and as indicated in the Technical-Economic Conditions of the offer and in the General Supply Conditions.


Is it possible to use only electricity for your home?

A smart home that uses only electricity and charging solutions for your electric vehicle are the first step to optimize consumption and also achieve savings on the bill. In a few steps you have better performance in less time, an economic advantage and respect the environment. Become the protagonist of change: choose the best side.

You must carry out an initial activation or connection when a metre must be connected to the network for the first time. This can happen, either because it is completely new and has just been installed, or simply because, even if it was already there, it has never been connected.

We shall guide you step by step during your first activation

Does your home need to be connected to the electricity or gas distribution network, for instance, because it is a newly built home?

If you need to activate an electricity metre, you can easily follow all steps online.

If you need to activate a gas metre, go to the nearest Spazio Enel where you will receive all the necessary assistance.

Simplify your home with Enel Energia

You should forward the first activation or connection request well in advance, because this procedure requires more time than a simple take-over and transfer.

Take advantage of the numerous and beneficial contract proposals that Enel Energia has in store for new customers!