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Power and gas

More Energy for your home

Many Enel Energia offers designed for every requirement. Choose the one that best suits your consumption. By activating a new energy and gas contract for your home with Enel Energia, you're choosing the tranquility and security of a price that is always advantageous, without any hidden surprises

  • Offer in promotion

    Scegli Oggi Luce

    For you who switch to Enel Energia, a 30% discount on the list price of the energy component and 40% if you come from the Maggior Tutela Service

    Price of the energy component blocked for the first 24 months.

    You will also have to pay the marketing fee (PCV) of 8,5 €/month (equal to 102 €/year) for the first 24 months of supply (excluding VAT and taxes). Economic conditions valid until 16/06/21.

  • 2G Meter

    €60 bonus

    Enel One

    Discover the energy subscription, with a 60 € bonus if you switch to Enel Energia

    With the support of Alexa, Amazon's voice assistant!

    * The monthly fee is fixed and invariable for 12 months from the date of activation of the supply and includes all the cost items of the bill, VAT and taxes included. The € 60 bonus, including VAT, will be divided into tranches of € 5 per month for 12 months and will be recognized on the invoice starting from the first month of supply.

Power and Gas

More Energy for your business

We give energy to your ideas. Choose between the luce and gas proposals for your business; we know how to build the energy you need. Find out what we can do for your business


More Energy wherever you need it

The offer designed for uses other than a home such as cellar, garage, attic

You must carry out an initial activation or connection when a metre must be connected to the network for the first time. This can happen, either because it is completely new and has just been installed, or simply because, even if it was already there, it has never been connected.

We shall guide you step by step during your first activation

Does your home need to be connected to the electricity or gas distribution network, for instance, because it is a newly built home?

If you need to activate an electricity metre, you can easily follow all steps online.

If you need to activate a gas metre, go to the nearest Spazio Enel where you will receive all the necessary assistance.

Simplify your home with Enel Energia

You should forward the first activation or connection request well in advance, because this procedure requires more time than a simple take-over and transfer.

Take advantage of the numerous and beneficial contract proposals that Enel Energia has in store for new customers!