City ​​lights

In Bologna: space for culture with Enel Energia

Following the thread of the 1st edition 2020, where the theatrical representation ran between opposite poles, the review "City lights" shines again in Piazza Liber Paradisus, in collaboration with the Municipality of Bologna in the frame of Bologna Estate with new shows, concerts, readings and artistic workshops for smaller. The project, dedicated to those who live the spaces of the city every day, aims to strengthen the bonds between the territory and citizens and to create an intertwining of different experiences that, crossing spaces of light and shadow, imagine Bologna of tomorrow.

The Project

The exhibition will be characterized by the presence of artists of national importance, with shows also dedicated to prominent figures of the city: among these Lodo Guenzi, singer of the band “Lo Stato Sociale" with the actor and director Nicola Borghesi, founder of the company Kepler-452; Roberta Giallo in concert with songs dedicated to Lucio Dalla and the relationship between singer and poet Roberto Roversi, as well as a theatrical match between two challenging actresses: Iaia Forte and Marta Dalla Via.

Finally, a show lesson with Luca Scarlini on the "History of Light" and the "History of Shadow" in which, between anecdotes and reconstructions, the facets of the relationship between humanity are narrated and art - shadow and light.

The program also offers an interesting novelty linked to the circular economy: a cycle of four workshops aimed at girls and boys aged 3 and over and their parents, to invite them to creative reuse of waste materials, contributing to raising awareness on the objectives of 2030 Agenda for sustainable development.

Each laboratory offers a specific and different aspect: from architectures to construction of animals and objects captures – light, to discover new reflections, refractions, shadows and luminous projections through opacity and transparency. The objects will be kept by the boys and girls as a memento and a collective work created during the workshops will be set up.

The Program

The program, available here, is divided into a series of events that will start Sunday 12 September and will end Sunday 19 September.

It will start with the little ones, with a workshop entitled "Architectures in the making", where the practice of reusing industrial waste materials for artistic purposes will be taught, and will end on September 19th with the story by Luca Scarlini "Of Light and Shadow", of how electricity has forever changed human events and perceptions.

Download here the schedule with all the shows and take part in the initiative with us!

The installation

Inspired by the environment that characterizes Piazza Liber Paradisus, transparent structures will be installed where, through windows and plexiglass, the lights will make their way and chase each other, creating curious visual games in a environment that makes light the protagonist and guest of honor of the event. The stage and the structures that will welcome visitors will become a dreamlike whole with the square, "The Dream" of Enel Energia for the enhancement of the city of Bologna.

Info and Reservations

Participation in the event is completely free, with reservations required. For the shows it will be possible to book through the page dedicated to the event, while for the workshops it will be necessary to book via e-mail or telephone by contacting the contact details on the website directly.

For all events, shows and workshops the Shared protocol for regulating measures to contrast and contain diffusion will be respected of COVID-19. The presence of qualified personnel will ensure an appropriate reception and compliance with the aforementioned regulations.

What are you waiting for? Take part in the event and make room for culture with us!