Condominio Luce Flessibile

A flexible price to gain from the opportunities offered by the market

The benefits of Condominio Luce Flessibile

Flexible price
The price of the energy component follows the developments in oil prices and the euro/dollar exchange rate. This allows you to benefit from the opportunities offered by the market at any given time. To keep up to date with changes in prices, visit the website of the European Central Bank.

Clear bills and transparent prices
Your bills are easy to read and the prices refer only to the cost of energy.

An online or printed bill every two months
You decide how you receive it, and if you request online billing, you receive it free on the day of issue, with no delays or losses.

Postal bill or direct debit
You can choose how to pay and change the payment method when you want.

A deal that is environmentally friendly
If you select the eco-friendly option, you will use electricity from renewable sources such as water, sun, wind and geothermal resources.

Who can apply for the deal
Apartment buildings that use power supplies delivered in low voltage