Flexible Power Condominium

A flexible price to gain from the opportunities offered by the market

What are the advantages of Flexible Power Condominium?

Flexible price
The price of the energy component follows the trend in the price of oil and the euro/dollar exchange rate. In this way you can seize the opportunities offered by the market at any time. To stay updated on price trends, visit the European Central Bank.

Clear invoices and transparent prices
The invoices are easy to read and the prices refer only to the cost of energy.

Online or paper bill every two months
You choose how to receive it, and if you subscribe to Bolletta Web, you will receive it for free on the day of issue, without delays or losses.

Payment advice or account debit
Choose how to pay and change the payment method whenever you want.

An offer that respects the environment
If you choose the green option, you will use electricity from renewable sources such as water, sun, wind and heat from the earth.

Who can join? 
Condominiums that use low voltage electricity supplies can join.