Gianluca Bianchi and Enel Energia, a relationship of trust that has been going on for years

Piazza Sordello is a historical landmark in Mantua, the city where Gianluca Bianchi was born, grew up and decided to work. Hotelier and real estate entrepreneur, he has been president of Mantua and Province Hoteliers Association for more than 15 years. The very central Piazza Sordello is where two of his businesses - Hotel Dei Gonzaga and the  “Il Trovatore”  restaurant - are located.

Gianluca has chosen Enel Energia for his hotels and his real estate companies, establishing a relationship of trust which has been going on for several years, a relationship based above all on the quality of the services received: any problems are resolved effectively, says the Mantuan entrepreneur.

“When I asked Enel Energia for timely activation of the supply for the clients of my properties in central Mantua, they responded promptly to my requirements”

—Gianluca Bianchi - owner of "Hotel dei Gonzaga"


What really pushed Gianluca to choose Enel Energia was above all the time savings. In fact, thanks to Enel Energia, the entrepreneur manages to concentrate on his business with greater peace of mind. 

As a good entrepreneur, Gianluca evaluated all aspects when choosing Enel, especially those related to cost.

“The rate applied by Enel Energia is very competitive and updated at market prices”

—Gianluca Bianchi - owner of "Hotel dei Gonzaga"


For this reason, Gianluca is happy to have chosen Enel Energia as a partner for his businesses: "I would have no doubt in recommending Enel Energia to a friend of mine for operating their energy supplies".