Motorsport drives sustainability

Speed, determination, enthusiasm and constant research into new solutions to overcome one's limits. Sparco is a name that for over forty-five years has incorporated all the characteristics that bring the passion for competition into our homes and into the clothing of everyday life.

Founded in 1977 by two young drivers with an audacious dream, the company has become a cornerstone in the racing industry, working with the biggest names in motorsports and serving race car enthusiasts all over the world. But Sparco is much more than a success story in motorsport; it is a story of commitment to sustainability and above all, to energy.

With headquarters in Italy and a presence that reaches 80 countries around the world, Sparco employs over 800 people spread across three continents. It collaborates with top-level teams and manufacturers, including Oracle Red Bull Racing Formula 1, McLaren, Peugeot, Aston Martin, Ford and Citroen. Since its foundation, it has earned a reputation as a reference company in the world of motoring, thanks to the two great cornerstones of its philosophy: safety and style.

But one aspect that characterizes it today is certainly its commitment to sustainability and responsible energy. Sparco has understood the crucial importance of energy in the production of its racing equipment, and has taken significant measures to minimize its environmental impact.

“The energy is spread directly through self-production of energy, which we have recently installed at 560 kW on the various sites. We are sure that our CO2 impact on the system is certainly lower than other energy production systems.”

—Aldino Bellazzini – President and CEO of Sparco

Sparco uses electricity derived from renewable sources, produced by photovoltaic panels installed at its headquarters in Vipiteno, demonstrating a real commitment to reducing carbon emissions and promoting cleaner energy. These panels consequently trigger a virtuous circuit, as they make energy available to employees and visiting partners via charging stations for electric vehicles, concretizing the idea of ​​sustainable mobility and making it available to everyday life.

“The energy system for a company is like the nervous system for a person: it serves to transform machines, which are neutral objects, into objects that produce things.”

—Aldino Bellazzini – President and CEO of Sparco

The same passion fueled in contact with the greatest champions in the history of motoring was also the drive that Sparco applied with determination within the company, writing a beautiful page in the history of motorsport and of a future in which the passion for racing and environmental responsibility come together in a winning synergy.


Discover how Sparco, a legendary name in the world of motorsport, is now also at the forefront of environmental sustainability. By combining passion for racing and responsibility, Sparco is committed to a cleaner future. An exciting lap of the track where determination merges with the development of winning strategies.

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