We grant a 50% discount on the monthly fee for all Enel Energia Fiber offers to our customers belonging to one of the following categories:

a. “deaf”, defined as such by article 1, paragraph 2, of law n. 381/1970;

b. “totally blind”, defined as such by article 2 of law n. 138/2001;

c. “partially blind”, defined as such by article 3 of law n. 138/2001.

d. "invalids with severe limitations of walking ability," recipients of tax benefits under Article 30, paragraph 7, of Law No. 388/2000, who take advantage on the supply of the facility provided by Del. AGCom 36/23/CONS, granted by the transferor operator.

For this category, the discount will be recognized until 06/30/2024, as stipulated in the aforementioned Resolution.

The benefit is recognized in compliance with AGCOM Resolution no. 290/21/CONS and applies to the basic price for fixed network services, regardless of the technology and connection speed.

Who can apply for the benefit

The benefit can be requested:

  • by customers who belong to one of the above categories; 
  • by customers in whose household a person belonging to the above categories resides. In the latter case, the cohabiting customer is required to immediately notify Enel Energia of the date on which the subject entitled to the subsidy has eventually ceased to be part of the family nucleus by sending a communication to one of the following addresses:

How to request the benefit

To take advantage of the benefits provided for by the Resolution, after subscribing to one of the Enel Energia Fiber offers, you must:

1 - fill in the subsidy activation request form  enclosing:

(a)for the category "deaf," "partially blind," "totally blind"

  • the medical certificate issued by the competent public health authority proving deafness, total or partial blindness (as defined above);
  • also attach the personal certification relating to the composition of the family nucleus if the application is presented by a customer who lives with the person entitled to it;
  • copy of the applicant's valid front and back identity document.

(b)For the category "disabled persons with severe limitations in walking ability"

  • copy of the applicant's valid front and back identity document.

2 - Send the form with the required attachments to one of the following channels:

Effective start date

The benefit starts from the date of receipt of the "Request for facilitation activation" form complete with the required documentation (necessary attachments indicated in the previous paragraph).

The request will be handled promptly and in any case within 30 working days from the date of receipt of the request complete with the necessary documentation. 

If you want the discount to be applied from the effective date of Enel Energia's FIBRA offer, we recommend that you send the request (form and required documentation) as soon as you have subscribed to one of Enel Energia's Fibra offers .

Otherwise, you can send the request during the contractual relationship and in this case the benefit will start taking into account the terms indicated above.

For cases where the facility granted by the transferor operator ("invalids with severe walking ability limitations"), the facilitation is applied from the date of the effective date of Enel Energia's fiber offer.

More info

The facilitation provided for by AGCOM Resolution no. 290/21/CONS supplemented by Del. 36/23/CONS:

  • cannot be applied if you are already a beneficiary of government measures that provide for discounts similar to those provided for in the aforementioned Resolution;
  • can only be used for one landline connection;
  • if activated, it will determine the revocation of any discounts and/or bonuses applied to the subscribed offer.

Clients in all disability categories,  who are entitled to the benefits referred to in AGCOM Resolution no. 290/21/CONS, have the right to indicate a third party to whom to delegate the management of their contract by communicating the data to Enel Energia: