As explained in the in-depth analysis on how many and what types of fiber are there, there are different types of technology, but the best known are undoubtedly the fiber FTTC (mixed copper) and FTTH. 

Do you know what type of technology your home is reached by? You can find out in a few simple steps, just go to the coverage verification page of Enel Energia and enter the address where you would like to activate the service. You will be able to distinguish the two types of fibre, as well as by the acronym, by the colored sticker that you will find shown:  the identification sticker will be yellow for FTTC fiber (mixed copper) and greengreen for FTTH optical fiber, as established by the Communications Guarantee Authority (AGCOM ).

Now let's understand together what FTTC fiber is, or mixed copper fiber, and how it differs from FFTH fiber.

What does mixed fiber mean

Fiber to the Cabinet (FTTC) mixed copper fiber is a broadband connection technology that uses a combination of fiber optic and copper cables to provide high-speed Internet services to end users. 

One of the main benefits of FTTC fiber is that it allows providers to offer faster broadband connections to people living in areas where FTTH fiber is not yet available.

The FTTC connection, or Fiber to the Cabinet, is defined as such because the fiber optic cables are used to connect the transmission center to the cabinet on the road, called precisely the cabinet. From there, the connection is transferred over a copper cable that will reach the modem in the end user's home, the speed of the connection will depend on the distance between the home and the telephone exchange, let's see why below.

Mixed fiber speed

FTTC mixed fiber allows for faster download and upload speeds than traditional copper connections, but generally does not achieve the performance of an FTTH connection, where the optical fiber arrives directly into the 'home.

It is precisely this last stretch of connection between the cabinet and the modem that is subject to signal dispersion if the house is far from the cabin, this would slow down the connection. Although the speed is not that of FFTH fiber, FTTC copper mixed fiber represents a valid alternative since it still manages to ensure a stable connection suitable for working from home or watching your favorite TV series.

Mixed fiber offer

Is your home not reached by FTTH fiber? Don't worry, Enel Energia has thought of all your needs, our offers are in fact available in both FTTH and FTTC technology, to join you just need to go to the main Enel Energia Fiber page and first verify coverage. Once you have entered your address, you will discover the technology by which you are reached: if your home is reached by the FTTC mixed copper fiber you can subscribe to the Enel Naviga Smart offer, which allows browsing speeds of up to 300 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload.  

If you haven't already done so, enter the world of Enel Energia, discover all the services available in the Customer Area and in the Enel Energia app that will allow you to  better manage your offers and consult all the in-depth information on fiber available in the Fiber Assistance page.

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