Navigate with a stable and ultra-fast internet connection up until about ten years ago was almost a utopia, but thanks to optical fibre, all this is possible today. Used in the sixties in the production of lamps, today fiber optic cables are a fundamental component for the telecommunications sector. 

Let's find out together what optical fiber is and how to get it in your home.

What is optical fiber for

Optical fiber is a technology that allows us to make the best use of electronic devices connected to the internet with excellent performance; its strong point is the ability to transmit a large amount of data with losses, extremely limited over long distances

Thanks to this new technology, in fact, we are able to work from home, watch movies and TV series on streaming platforms or play online with other users, without worrying about having an unstable or slow connection. The use of this technology has revolutionized the everyday world, making everything that previously seemed distant, close and possible. 

How optical fiber works

Fibre-optic cables are able to guarantee high performance thanks to the very thin filaments of very pure glass that are able to transport data through a light signal. The actual functioning is slightly more complex, in fact, it is thanks to the union of some elements that make up the cable if the glass fiber is able to pass information from one end to the other. 

The very thin transparent fiberglass or plastic polymer filaments, protected by an insulating sheath, are made up of two sections, a transparent internal one and a more opaque external one to allow the light to reflect and therefore to propagate. Each filament, the thickness of a hair, is composed of a central cylinder called core and a protective layer called cladding, in addition to the latter, however, considering its fragility, there is an additional layer that protects it from shocks and external agents . 

Thanks to the reflection of light on the cladding, fiber optic cables are able to transmit data at very high speeds.

How to check the coverage of the optical fiber

Fast and stable connection thanks to a game of light bounces, but is the speed of the fiber the same in all homes? The speed of this technology may vary depending on the technology used, Enel Energia actually offers two types of technologies, pure fiber (FTTH) and mixed copper (FTTC).

Check coverage is essential to find out if it is possible to activate a fiber contract at your home, in fact, the project carried out by the government to create an ultra-broadband network throughout Italy, it is still ongoing and some municipalities may not yet have this type of connection.

Do you want to activate a contract with Enel Fiber Energy, but you don't know if your home is reached by fiber? Let's see together how to do it in the next paragraph.

How to request optical fiber

With a few simple steps you will be able to find out if your home is reached by optical fiber and by which technology, just visit the section dedicated to Enel Fiber offers, choose one of the options "You are already an Enel Energia customer" or "If you are not already an Enel Energia customer" and continue by entering your home address. 

Once you have completed all the steps, you will know if your area has fiber optic coverage. If the response is positive, you can easily continue the process of joining and subscribing to the service.

Internet for your home

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