The importance of optical fiber for the diffusion of smart working

Fibre-optic technology uses light signals to transmit data. There are different types of fiber optic connection which guarantee many advantages compared to a classic ADSL connection in terms of speed, reliability and quality of data transmission

These substantial benefits guarantee users quick access to the applications they use every day, which is important when it comes to reducing waiting times for a job or the delivery of a project, improving the efficiency of those who use optical fiber to work from home or to follow their activities online

Benefits of fiber for working from home

FTTH optical fiber offers unmatched connection speeds. With the new FTTH Fibra offer from Enel Energia  you can reach speeds of up to 1 Gbps download and 300 Mbps upload*, while ADSL reaches a maximum of 20 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload. This difference can be immediately seen through a faster and more fluid navigation, with an immediate loading of the pages visited.

In fact, with the optical fiber, it is possible to manage several applications online at the same time avoiding annoying slowdowns. This allows you to work peacefully on your projects, enhancing the quality of your work.

The optical fiber at home also allows you to work together with your collaborators on your projects simultaneously without sudden interruptions, improving efficiency and the cooperation of your work team, regardless of distance.

Moreover, higher speed and bandwidth means being able to participate in video conferences with fluidity and superior audio/video quality, without delays and problems related to annoying phenomenon of stuttering (in Italian "stuttering"), or when a "jerky" video appears, which often occurs with slower connections during online meetings.

Better fiber offers for smart working 

In conclusion, the use of optical fiber for smart working is a highly advantageous solution to ensure competitiveness in the world of work. The offers of Enel Energia fiber are available both for residential customers who do not have an active supply contract, for domestic use, with Enel Energia and for residential customers who have an active electricity or natural gas supply contract with Enel Energia for the free market for domestic use. 

Depending on the technology available in your area, it will be possible to join the Enel Fibra offer in FTTH (fiber to the home) technology up to 1 Gbps in download and 300 Mbps in upload or the Enel Naviga Smart offer, in mixed copper FTTC technology (fiber to the cabinet) up to 300 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload.

*Browsing speeds depend on the technology available in your area. Check the coverage to find out the fiber from which your home is reached.


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