Fiber Contract Summary

The contractual summaries provide the main elements of the offers

Everything you need to know about Enel Energia's Fiber offers. You will find, together with the contracts, the "contract summary" which summarize the economic conditions and the main characteristics of Enel Energia's commercial offers

Internet for your home

Navigate with Enel Energia fiber

Discover Enel Fibra FTTH, the stable and fast integrated connection that brings you closer to the world and to people

Enel Fibra

Navigate with the simplicity of Enel Energia's ultra-fast FTTH fiber up to 1 Gigabit/s in download

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WiFi modem 6 included

Offer subject to technical speed and geographic limitations. The navigation speed indicated (FTTH) is to be considered as a maximum. Check the coverage in the following steps to find out the fiber from which your home is reached.