The advantages of optical fiber compared to the technologies that preceded it are innumerable, it represents the most advanced technology available today for home networks, as it guarantees a much more stable and fast connection. 

A cable is a thin glass thread the size of a hair that carries data in the form of pulses of light. The light, generated by a laser, unable to go out due to the layers external to the glass core, is reflected along the entire central core of the cable, making the data reach its destination in the form of a light signal: which can be the cabinet, or the street cabinet for mixed copper FTTC networks, or directly the home if we are talking about FTTH networks, depending on the type optical fiber available in the area.

Differences with ADSL

The data transmission systems we were used to until a few years ago such as ADSL no longer seem able to meet the needs of workers and families who regularly use the internet for leisure, entertainment, hobby or for professional projects.

This is because ADSL networks still use the copper cable of the traditional home telephone line to transmit data, at speeds much slower than the speeds of a fiber optic cable. In fact, Enel Energia's optical fiber can reach speeds, for FTTH technology, up to 1 Gbps in download and 300 Mbps in upload  as for the new offer Enel Energia fiber, while ADSL reaches a maximum of 30 Mbps in download and 2 Mbps in upload. This marked difference is immediately noticeable through a much faster and more fluid browsing experience.

ADSL is also affected by chronic problems related to the stability of the connection, since the copper cable is susceptible to interference of the electromagnetic and atmospheric type and suffers from dispersion of the signal due to the distance from the starting telecommunication exchange.

Benefits of optical fiber for families

With a fiber optic connection, as in the new offers Fibra di Enel Energia, the whole family can surf at the same time with many different devices, thanks to an integrated connection, stable and fast.

A stable connection can therefore let us take advantage of advanced services such as gaming online, watching movies in UHD 4K quality, fast uploading to the cloud of our photo albums, services related to home automation or telemedicine.

Benefits of optical fiber for workers

Enjoying the quality of fiber optic networks is almost obligatory for all professionals who work or run their business from home. Uploading large files, sharing a job or an elaborate presentation live, a meeting with customers or with your collaborators can no longer take place without a fast connection, which allows you to react in real time.

How to join the new Enel Energia Fiber

From today, thanks to the new offers Enel Energia's fiber is even simpler and more immediate obtain a fiber optic connection. First check the type of coverage in your area and subscribe to one of the offers that meets your connectivity needs, in all the fiber offers (in FTTH or FTTC technology, mixed copper) of Enel Energia there are no activation costs and the modem is provided free of charge

In addition, for those who are already Enel Energia residential customers with at least one contract for the supply of power or active natural gas, it is possible to take advantage of the offer with particular advantages, in addition to the convenience of being able to manage all supplies anywhere and at any time in a simple and fast way thanks to the Customer Area and to the Enel Energia App.

If you have already subscribed to the offer and are looking for information, you can contact our Fibre Assistance page, where you can find further information, insights into the fiber world and answers to all the most frequently asked questions. 

Prodotto dell'anno

Enel Fibra has been Elected Product of the Year 2024, based on a Circa Research survey of 12,000 consumers, among a selection of services. category: TELECOMMUNICATIONS FIBER SERVICES.

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Navigate with the simplicity of ultra-fast FTTH fiber up to 1 Gigabit/s in download and until 22 April you have:

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Offer subject to technical speed and geographical limitations. The indicated navigation speed (FTTH) is to be considered as maximum. Check the coverage in the following steps to find out the fiber (FTTH and FTTC) from which your home is reached. The offer does not include Voice Service with consequent possible loss of the landline telephone number in the event of migration of the internet connection.