From 1 January, Enel Energia becomes part of the Gruppo IVA Enel

Like other companies in Italy, Enel Energia has also joined the new optional VAT Group tax regime (Article 70 of Presidential Decree No. 633 of 1972). With this regime, a single and autonomous VAT taxable person is established with a single VAT number for all participating companies (VAT number 15844561009) to replace the single previous VAT numbers.

What the VAT Group is and how it works

By implementing this procedure, Enel Energia will present itself as part of a group that will act as a single taxpayer (for VAT purposes only). This group will therefore have a single VAT number, the VAT Group. All transactions carried out by one of the subjects belonging to the VAT Group are considered to have been carried out by the entire group.

What changes in Enel Energia

With reference to the contractual documentation and the invoices issued to its customers, from 1 January 2021, Enel Energia will report on this documentation the new data of the Group VAT number together with the name and tax code of the company.