Electric vehicle charging for private use

The new experimentation is underway

With Resolution 541/2020/R/EEL, the Authority defined the scope of a new experiment aimed at facilitating the charging of electric vehicles in places not accessible to the public (charging in private places) at night and on holidays.

The initiative is aimed at domestic and non-domestic customers holding low voltage connected supply with contractual power between 2 and 4.5 kW and aims to promote the "intelligent" recharging of electric vehicles by encouraging the use of the network during hours less load.

Customers admitted to the experimentation period, will be able to withdraw energy up to 6 KW of power at night and on holidays, corresponding to the time slot F3, without having to ask your vendor for any increase in power and at no additional cost in the bill except for the application, to non-domestic customers only, of a one-off contribution to cover administrative costs, which for the year 2021 is equal to € 25.51 (excluding VAT and taxes).

To join the trial, which will take effect 1 July 2021, it is necessary to submit the related request for the relevant documentation, directly to the GSE (Energy Services Manager), from next 3 May and until 30 April 2023, by accessing the dedicated section in the Customer Area of ​​the portal.

The Operator will verify the necessary requirements and will act as an interface with the competent distributors for the application of the tariff concessions provided.

A necessary condition for admission to the experimentation is the presence of a second generation electronic meter 2G teleletto and able to detect and make available the quarter-hour curves and a wallbox, at the sampling point used for charging.

For any other information regarding the experimentation, it is necessary to contact GSE.