How to make a transfer

Change the holder of a contract in simple steps

How to transfer (e.g. you are a new owner or tenant)

Required Data

If you want to sign a contract in the name of another person in your name, you will need to indicate:

  • name and surname or denomination, as well as tax code or VAT number of the holder of the supply;
  • the POD code (for power supply) or the PDR code (for gas supply); POD and PDR can be found among the data on the meter, if electronic, or on the  bill of the current owner; 
  • telephone number and e-mail address, if any;
  • for electricity supply, the nine-digit customer code (which you can find on the meter display if electronic) or on the bills of the current supply holder may be useful.

It is very important to remember that you must demonstrate that you are entitled to live in the property for which you are requesting the activation of the electricity and gas supply, for more information visit the page dedicated to ownership of the property.

In case of change of use, you must also return the completed form certifying the urban planning regularity of the property (instance 326).

From 2021, as established by ARERA Resolution 135/2021/R/eel, it is possible to carry out the transfer with change of supplier, or at the same time as changing the heading of the bill switch to another supplier. In the event that you were moving to a new property, therefore, it will no longer be necessary to wait for the transfer to be successful before being able to change supplier. A single procedure that will allow you to choose an offer more in line with your needs and in much shorter times. 

How to follow the status of the case

After stipulating the contract with Enel Energia, register at Customer Area and access the "Your cases" section: you will be able to keep under control and verify the stage of the management of your case. In the "Your operations" section, you will find the list of contracts you have concluded with Enel Energia: they indicate the date of stipulation, the type of contract (power or gas), the contract number and, again, the progress of the practice

Your contracts are available in pdf.

Documents necessary for transfer

You will receive the contract kit via the channel you have chosen (for example by email or post) and you will need to return the form you will find attached. 

In order to conclude a supply contract, you must correctly fill in the form attached to the contract kit and send it to the indicated channels.

We remind you to always attach a copy of your valid identification document.

If there were past arrears at the point of supply (POD/PDR), Enel Energia, to protect its credit, will be able to carry out further checks, also by consulting its own or public databases, in order to detect any relationships between the requesting customer and the previous ones account holders and to investigate the various changes at the point of supply; following these checks, Enel Energia may also decide not to accept the supply request, giving specific notice. In no case will you be required to pay past arrears referring to previous owners.

Cost of transfer

Power supply

The cost is €23 as a commercial fee for the seller and €25.51 as an administrative fee for distribution.

Gas supply

The cost is equal to € 23 of commercial fee for the seller, to which is added a different administrative charge based on the price list of the territorially competent distribution company.

All the above costs are established by ARERA, which reviews them annually. 

To these must be added VAT, contract stamp and security deposit where applicable. In the event that bank or postal domiciliation is chosen as the payment method, the deposit will not be charged.