Transferring is easy

How to make a supply transfer

If you want to assign a contract currently in another person's name to your own, you must provide:

  • your tax ID code
  • the POD code or Eneltel ID no. of the meter (for power supply) or the PDR code (for a natural gas supply). You will see this on the tag attached to the meter. You can also use the Customer Code for the electrical supply (it is a 9-digit code that you can find on the meter display, if electronic);
  • the meter reading.

In addition, you will need to fill in and return:

  • the form declaring ownership or rightful possession of the property for which the power or gas supply is requested (certificate of residence).

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For change of use, you must also fill in and submit:

  • the form declaring compliance of the property with planning regulations (instance 326)

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How to monitor the status of your application 
After signing the contract with Enel Energia, register with the Customer Area and go to the "Your records" section: here you can monitor the status of your application.

In the "Your operations" section you will find a list of the contracts you have signed with Enel Energia: they show the date of signing, the type of contract (whether power or gas), the contract number and, also here, the application status. Your contracts are available in pdf. format.

Terms and conditions
To conclude a supply agreement, Enel Energia must verify some data regarding the applicant and the property for which it has been requested (Law Decree no. 47 of 28 March 2014, Art. 5 "Combating unlawful occupation of properties," converted into law no. 80/2104).

You will have to correctly fill in the contract form and send it by post to the contact address specified on the form. A photocopy of a valid ID document should also be attached.

If you fail to send the required documentation, the contract drawn up shall be considered void.