The power bonus for physical hardship is a relief recognized in case of serious health conditions; it can be get by all domestic customers suffering from serious illness or domestic customers with power where a person suffering from serious illness lives, forced to use electro-medical equipment, which involves a high consumption of electrical energy, necessary for keeping it alive.

The life-saving electromedical equipment that entitles you to the light bonus for physical discomfort have been identified by the Decree of the Italian Ministry of Health of 13 January 2011. 

The bonus for physical hardship can be combined with that for economic hardship, if the respective eligibility requirements are met.

The social bonus is paid both to customers who have subscribed to an offer on the free market and to those served in greater protection and is automatically recognized even in the event of a change of supplier.

In case of deactivation of the supply/transfer, before the 12-month subsidy term, the residual portion of the basic bonus and of the supplementary bonus, where provided, is recognized in the closing invoice upon completion of the entire concession period.

How to get the bonus for physical hardship: the requirements

To access the bonus for physical hardship, it is necessary to submit a request to the Municipality of residence by the owner of the power supply (even if different from the patient) or to the bodies designated by the Municipality, such as enabled CAFs. The subsidy is not linked to the ISEE and its amount depends on the annual consumption of the life-saving machinery used.

Visit the page dedicated to social bonus on the ARERA website for more information.