Social Bonus for Gas

A billing reduction for families in disadvantaged conditions

What is the Social Bonus for Gas?

The social bonus for gas is a billing reduction to assist families in financial difficulties. It can be combined with the social bonus for electricity and provides savings on annual payments for natural gas.


Who is entitled to it? 

Families (domestic customers) are entitled to the social bonus for gas if they have:


  • a natural gas supply contract for their place of residence
  • a meter not exceeding class G6
  • an equivalent financial situation index of € 8.265 or lower (for families with at least four dependent children, the index threshold is €20,000).

Learn about the Equivalent Financial Situation Index

If you live in an apartment building with centralised heating systems, you are still entitled to the social gas bonus, which you can collect from your post office. 

The procedures are not given in the resolution as this is the responsibility of the Post Office and not the Trader. You can read about the compensation for the supply of natural gas to indirect domestic customers in Article 23.2

We remind you that the social bonus for gas can be combined with the social bonus for electricity.