How to change the power and/or voltage of the meter

All you need to know to request a power and/or voltage change related to your supply

The power of your supply can be modified both up and down. The increase is recommended when using more than one appliance at the same time, there is often an interruption in the electricity supply. The reduction when the power of your meter is higher than your needs.

Modify power and/or voltage of the meter

Modifying the power and/or voltage of your meter could lead to changes to the economic conditions and, if necessary, also changes to the technical conditions of the supply (eg. a change of the counter).

 You can make your request quickly and easily: access your Customer Area in the “Services” section, by clicking on “Change power and/or voltage”. Get an immediate cost estimate that you can accept or cancel without constraints.

This feature is reserved for home supplies.

Times for changing the power and/or voltage of the meter

The timing of the execution of the modification varies depending on the need to carry out or not an inspection by a technician of the distributor in your area, if it is not necessary, it will be carried out between 2 and 5 working days.

Costs for changing the power and/or voltage of the meter

The estimate shows the cost of the requested modification and includes:

  • variations in power and/or voltage
  • the fee recognized to the distributor for his activity
  • the amount relating to the conditions of your supply contract with Enel Energia. 

Finally, in the estimate you will also find our estimate of the impact on the bill following the requested modification:

  • costs relating to network services (transport, energy distribution and meter management)
  • general system charges
  • the amount of excise duties applied to the bill which vary according to the power of your meter. 

We specify that the costs indicated in the estimate are to be considered net of VAT.

How to pay the estimate

If the amount of the estimate is less than 1000 euros, you can choose whether to charge the cost on the bill or pay online by credit card or, alternatively, by payment notice. If the amount is more than 1000 euros it will not be possible to request the debit on the bill, but it is necessary to pay online by credit card or via payment notice.