The benefits of saying yes

By giving consent to the processing of personal data, you choose to receive personalized information and innovative solutions for your home, to stay up to date and make the best use of energy.

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Often we tend to refuse to give consent to the processing of personal data for fear of intrusive phone calls or potential risks related to the security of our data. But for us at Enel Energia your privacy matters!

Saying yes to the release of data consent allows you to take the opportunity to join advantageous offers. Especially in a scenario characterized by uncertain markets and large fluctuations in the cost of energy, the consents give you the opportunity to stay up to date on prices and convenient solutions to make the best use of energy.

It is important for us to listen to you. For this reason, our goal is to offer you only the offers and products that may interest you, to inform you about the news regarding the Free Market and to update you on all the opportunities of ever-changing energy.


To further reassure you, we guarantee that we at Enel Energia and our partner companies scrupulously monitor all the choices made by customers, protecting their privacy. Read more on the complete privacy policy.

To manage your consents, access Customer Area.

How can you give your consent?