Energy is an integral part of our daily lives and Enel Energia knows it. For this reason, we have created the Full Digital App, an innovative tool designed to simplify and improve the management of home power, gas and fiber supplies and activate new offers. But what makes this App so special? Let's find out together.

Easy access and exclusive benefits

To get started, simply download the App from Apple Store (for iOS devices) or from Google Play (for Android) and log in with your Enel Energia account, if you don't have an account you can register directly in the App. When you open the App you will discover a world of exclusive advantages thanks to ENELPREMIA WOW!, the Enel Energia loyalty program that allows you to get coupons, participate in special initiatives, earn loyalty points and get discounts on your bill simply by staying with Enel Energia or making responsible energy choices.

Complete supply management with a single App

The Full Digital App allows you to have complete control of your electricity, gas and fiber supplies. In fact, it is possible to digitally activate and manage the service. Bolletta Web, check the progress of the activation of the supply , change the power or voltage of the meter, change the billing address and much more.

Activation of new offers in the App

With the new Enel Energia App activating new offers completely independently is very simple, you can in fact subscribe to offers for the supply of power, gas and fiber directly from the App. In addition, you will always be updated on new offers and exclusive promotions from Enel Energia, Enel X and Enel You will be able to conveniently send the documentation necessary to sign up to a new supply contract directly in the App.

Simplicity in bills and personalized notifications

The App allows you to view bills issued on supplies with a 60 month history, pay online and save your card details for subsequent payments. Furthermore, you can request instalments, select the payment method you prefer, activate direct debit and take advantage of all its advantages. But you can also request bill rectification, easily send the self-reading and receive personalized notifications relating to your supplies and bill management, which you can activate or deactivate completely independently.

Consumption Monitoring

If you have a second generation meter you will be able to monitor your monthly and daily consumption and compare them with those of the previous year to optimize the energy savings of your home.

Management of Personal Data

Protect and manage your personal data in complete security and autonomy and exercise your rights in compliance with the GDPR.

Saving tips and easy assistance

Receive useful tips on how to save energy and manage bill payments. Furthermore, the App offers you complete assistance, in the autonomous resolution of problems thanks to the census of all possible assistance cases. If you are unable to find the solution on your own, you can also receive further assistance via Virtual Assistant/chat operator, VoIP call or search for Spazio Enel closest to you.

The Enel Energia Full Digital App represents a step forward in the management of energy services, placing the user at the center and offering an intuitive and personalized experience to simplify energy management in everyday life. You will no longer have to worry: everything you need is at hand.

What are you waiting for? Download the App and get the most out of your supplies!

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