Starting from 1st January 2019, the electronic bill obligation is extended to all customers, as required by the 2018 Financial Statements Law.
This obligation applies to the supply of goods or services rendered between two VAT payers and between a VAT payer and a final consumer.
Therefore, Enel Energia will send its customers electronic bills through the Revenue Agency's Interchange System (SDI), according to the rules established by the Agency with Provision No. 89757 of 30th April 2018.
If you are a supply holder with a VAT Number, and you wish to communicate the Recipient Code or PEC address at which to receive electronic bills sent through the Interchange System, you can do so by filling out the appropriate form, available in the Forms section of our website, and returning it through one of our contact channels.
Enel Energia will also continue to send
, as usual and by means of the procedures already in place, the "regular" bill, i.e. the document containing data on consumption, the copy of the tax data contained in the electronic bill, and the additional information required by the regulation in force.

To download the form that residential or business customers, other than Public Administration, must complete to change the method of sending the document containing the tax data of electronic invoicing, click here.