What is electronic invoicing

Electronic invoicing is a method of issuing, transmitting and archiving invoices.

It became fully operational in 2019, therefore Enel Energia also issues invoices in electronic format through the Exchange System (SDI) of the Revenue Agency. 

This obligation applies to the supply of goods or services carried out between two VAT subjects and between a VAT subject and a final consumer.

How electronic invoicing works 

VAT holders

Invoices must compulsorily be issued in electronic format (XML), using the Exchange System platform ( SDI), which will deliver them to the final customer, after a formal check.

To receive electronic invoices to the desired electronic address (PEC or recipient code) you can:

  • indicate the PEC or recipient code directly to the Exchange System, using the registration service made available by the Revenue Agency;
  • directly communicate the telematic address to Enel Energia, using the specific form and we will insert the PEC or recipient code communicated directly in the XML file of the invoice electronics.

In any case, you will still continue to receive, in the usual way (mail or e-mail), also the "bill", i.e. the document which contains both the tax data contained in the electronic invoice, consumption data and other information required by current regulations.

Final consumers (without VAT number)

If you are not a VAT number holder, you have no obligation to manage the electronic invoice as the "bill" document (which shows the tax data contained in the electronic invoice, consumption data and other information of a regulatory nature) that you continue to receive by electronic or ordinary mail, has fiscal and legal value for you.

The invoice in electronic format (XML) is still produced and deposited in your tax drawer at the Revenue Agency (to do this we just need the customer's tax code).

If you want to receive the invoice directly in electronic format, just send us your Recipient Code or an enabled PEC address (naturally you will need to have a program that allows you to read the electronic invoice).