Present and future scenarios of the Energy industry in a meeting at the Milan stock exchange

How will the Energy industry change in Italy and globally? How will the market respond to changes in raw material prices, regulatory interventions by institutions, and innovations in energy sources and technology? We shall cover these issues and more during the workshop "Energy Scenarios and Services for Large Customers", organised by Enel Energia at Palazzo Mezzanotte, the headquarters of the stock exchange of Milano, on June 6 , starting at 10am.

Mr Piero Landini, Head of Pricing & Supply Italian Market of Enel Energia, will open the workshop. The first section will deal with all institutional interventions that may influence the Italian electricity market in the short and medium term: this review will cover the impact of future decisions of the European Commission, the Italian government and the various sector authorities. The speaker on this particular matter will be Marzia Germini, Generation and Wholesale Market, Regulatory & Antitrust Italy. 

The trend in commodity prices will be at the centre of an analysis of energy scenarios, with a view to identifying overall market trends and their drivers and thus anticipate future trends. What is more, the workshop will offer a series of monitoring elements to help in reading and understanding such scenarios in real time. In this section, speakers will include Fabio Bonetti (Commodity Derivatives & Co2, Global Trading), Andrea Nuzzo (Emission Derivatives Trading, Global Trading), Alessandro Figus (Front Office Gas Italia), Attilio Salvati (Source, Risk Management and Budgeting, Italian Market) and Michele Intartaglia (Demand Forecast and Budget, Italian Market).

The day will close with a presentation of Enel group's innovative services by Christian Montermini (Sales Business, Enel X Italia), Alessandro De Cristofaro (Industrial Solutions, Enel X) and Rossella Potere (Flexibility Solutions, Enel X Italia). This panel will describe the solutions that Enel offers to large electricity and gas consumers such as demand response, consumption adjustment to respond to peaks in energy demand and supply, electric mobility, and plants powered by renewable sources. 

Following a simulation of energy price fixing by an Energy Manager, the day, largely devoted to the analysis of the sector and its prospects, will come to an end with a visit to the stock exchange headquarters. Our guide here will befit the occasion: a former broker, who will describe what life was like in that building in the pre-digital era, when negotiations were held verbally, without computers.