To send a complaint or a report, download and fill in the form in pdf format relating to the type of supply. After completing the form, you can submit it by uploading it online.

If you decide to submit a complaint or a report without using our forms in pdf format, before proceeding with sending the communication, make sure you have indicated all the mandatory data come: 

  • name and surname
  • delivery address
  • delivery address(if different from the delivery address) or e-mail where you wish to receive our reply
  • telephone number
  • The type of service object of the complaint (e.g. power, gas)
  • The alphanumeric code that identifies the electricity withdrawal point (POD) or natural gas delivery point (PDR), or your Customer Number
  • brief description of the report
  • if the report concerns the invoiced amounts and/or a billing adjustment, it is essential to also indicate the self-reading and the date on which the you did.

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You can get in touch with us by accessing the Customer Area or through the Enel Energia App or by visiting the section dedicated to the different ways to contact us.

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