Vulnerability Protection service offer

Economic conditions for the supply of gas

What is the Gas Vulnerability Protection Service

The gas vulnerability protection service offer provides for the application of the economic and contractual gas supply conditions regulated by the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment, as per Resolution 100/2023/R/com (TIVG) for customers entitled to the Vulnerability Protection service.


Who can join the service?


All vulnerable customers are entitled to gas vulnerability protection; you must meet at least one of the following conditions to be recognized as such:

  • Supply holders over the age of 75;
  • Holders of social bonuses (pursuant to article 1, paragraph 75, of law 124/17);
  • Supply holders with disabilities (pursuant to article 3 of law 5 February 1992, n.104);
  • Holders of utilities located in emergency housing facilities.

The economic conditions applied to supplies with protection service

They are set periodically by ARERA based on the provisions of the integrated text of gas retail sales activities (Annex A to ARERA Resolution ARG/gas 64/09) and subsequent amendments and additions.

The economic conditions provide for the application of the following fees:

Expenditure on natural gas

  • Raw Material Gas
  • Retail marketing fees
  • Fee equal to the gradation costs
  • CPR component

Expense for the transport and management service of the meter

  • Transport fee
  • Deployment Services
  • Additional charges established by ARERA

Expenditure on system charges​​

  • System charges established by ARERA for the relevant tariff area

Gas sale price

The gas price components are the tariff, excise duties and taxes.

The tariff is set by ARERA and covers the costs for purchase of the gas, transportation and storage, and distribution and sales activities.

The calculation of the price for end customers depends on taxation (excise duties and taxes):

  • excise duty: this is expressed in €/scm and is divided into different rates, according to annual consumption classes and geographical area
  • regional supplement (only if established by the Region): this is expressed in €/scm and divided into annual consumption classes. It is not applied in the regions with special statue
  • VAT: this is expressed as a percentage and is applied to the total price, inclusive of excise duty and regional supplement. 


VAT is set at 5% for both gas consumption bands (for the fees of the first 480 Smc consumed in a calendar year and for those over 480 Smc).

Note: 1 scm (standard cubic metre) refers to gas at a temperature of 15°C and a constant pressure of 1.01325 bar.


Activate "Bolletta Web" and direct debit, a discount awaits you

If you are a gas customer under the vulnerability protection regime (excluding vulnerable customers served in the last resort service), pay your bills with direct debit and activate the service Bolletta Web, you will receive a discount on your bills!

As established by the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment (annex A of Resolution 501/2014/R/COM and subsequent amendments) the annual discount varies based on the type of supply:

Customers Annual amount of the discount (valid for a single supply)*
Gas for home 5,40 euros

*The annual amount in the table refers to the case of a supply with all invoices issued in digital format and paid by direct debit.

The discount amount will be recognized in monthly installments according to the frequency of issuing your invoices.
The discount will no longer be applied to you if you revoke the direct debit payment or if you deactivate the "Bolletta Web" to return to the paper bill.

Activate Bolletta Web now and you will be able to:

  • Receive your bill via email, free: it arrives in your email inbox, without delays or losses.
  • You can archive it on your PC: it is always at your disposal and there is no risk of losing it.
  • Help the environment: respect the environment by reducing paper consumption.

 Activate payment immediately with direct debit e you will have:

  • the return of the security deposit, if paid, including interest
  • no more queues and you save payment fees
  • no deadlines to remember
  • debit on the exact day of the deadline on the current account

Activation of direct debit payment is subject to approval from your credit institution.

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Economic conditions for supplying natural gas to end customers


These economic conditions, in accordance with the INTEGRATED TEXT OF THE RETAIL SALES ACTIVITIES OF NATURAL GAS AND OTHER GAS DIFFERENT FROM NATURAL GAS DISTRIBUTED BY URBAN NETWORKS (TIVG), approved by resolution ARG/GAS 64/09 of the Authority for power and gas and subsequent amendments and additions, apply to end customers according to article 2, paragraph 3, of the same provision.

The economic conditions of gas supply that the operator must offer to the customers of the protection service are given by the sum of the following components:

a) components relating to the distribution, measurement and related marketing service, and system charges;

b) component relating to the transport service (QTI);

c) component relating to wholesale marketing (Raw Material Gas);

d) component relating to the marketing of retail (QVD);

e) = a) + b) + c) + d) + e) ​​

Consumption scales (ranges)

Scales according to consumption

Tariff component of metered distribution and related marketing: a)

Other components: b), c), d), e)

Resulting rate net of taxes: f)


  • As regards the tariff component of the sale, pursuant to the TIVG of the AEEG, in addition to the supply tariff, a fixed fee equal to 63.36 Euro/customer/year for domestic customers and a fixed amount of 82.39 Euro/customer/year for condominiums with domestic use with annual consumption not exceeding 200,000 cubic meters, utilities relating to public service activities and non-domestic customers with annual consumption not exceeding 50,000 cubic meters.
  • The components of the fixed quota relating to the Distribution and Metering services vary according to the class of the meter; therefore those described above, referring to classes G4-G6, may vary for meters of higher classes.
  • The GS component of the distribution and metering tariff, pursuant to art. 35.3 lett. d) Annex A of AEEG ARG/gas resolution 159/08 (RTDG), applies to all natural gas users other than those owned by domestic customers, as identified pursuant to article 2.3 letter a of ARG/gas resolution no. 64/09 (TIVG).

The economic conditions indicated above are applied to all customers and are still to be considered provisional 'subject to adjustment', taking into account the periodic updates according to the criteria defined by the Power and Gas Authority.
In relation to these updates, the resulting economic conditions of supply will be applied, consequently making the necessary adjustments.

For more information, also consult the website of the Power and Gas Authority.