Ways to pay the bill

Activate direct debit for having only advantages

Direct Debit

Pay your bill by direct debit
No more need to remember to pay your bills: your bank pays for you on the due date.

Activatethe direct debit for having only advantages

Choose the effortless way, move to direct debit and discover all the advantages of this payment method. By activating a direct debit (SDD) now, you can enjoy all the benefits of an easy and fast way of paying:

  •  If you have paid a security deposit, it will be refunded with accrued interest
  • No more queues and save payment fees
  • No deadlines to remember
  • Debit your account on the exact deadline date

Furthermore, until 31 december 2020,customers who choose direct debit as payment method, will receive a 5€ bonus on the second useful bill!

The direct debit is also called RID, SDD (SEPA Direct-Debit) or domiciliation and it is the payment method that allows you to automatically debit the amount of your bills directly to your bank account or credit card.
Activating the direct debit is easy, you just have to:

  • have a bank or post office account or a credit card
  • log into Customer Area or the Enel Energia app
  • click on Payment Method
  • enter your IBAN or the number of your credit card

Discover the Web Bill

Receive free bills by e-mail on the day of issue, saving time and money while safeguarding the environment. To discover all the advantages of the Bolletta Web di Enel Energia now, click here.

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