Book an appointment in a Spazio Enel

Log in safely at one of our Spazio Enel

Avoid waiting, welcome yourself in a safe environment and provide all the answers in an easy and immediate way. These are our objectives in the Spazio Enel throughout the country, to introduce you to the world of Enel Energia.

Book your appointment at one of our Spazio Enel or Spazio Enel Partners, choose the day and time you prefer from the comfort of your home, we will be able to welcome you without waiting, respecting all safety regulations, as always.

What can you do in an Enel space?

Whether you are already an Enel Energia customer or want to become one, our staff is at your disposal to:

  • inform you about our offers of electricity and gas;
  • update you on promotions and special initiatives;
  • introduce you to solutions dedicated to your home and your business;
  • evaluate the most suitable offer according to your needs;
  • activate a new supply and manage your active users;
  • use the POS service to pay bills and bulletins.

In our Enel Spaces there is always a Show Partner to learn about partner products such as Enel X and a Info point to learn more about related topics to the world of energy, such as the liberalization of the electricity and gas market and the new technology of second generation counters (2G).

Book your appointment

You can book an appointment at an Enel Space directly from the dedicated page.The online booking service is available to all Spazio Enel available on the national territory. 

Alternatively you can use the service offered by Ufirst .
Ufirst allows you to book an appointment at all Spazio Enel and at Spazio Enel Partner participating in the service. Just download the App on your smartphone (available both on the App Store and on the Google Play Store) and generate your virtual number.

From the App you can find out how many people you have in front of you, monitor the queue and estimate the time you will have to wait before going to the Spazio Enel or Spazio Enel Partner you have chosen.

Updating of activities at Spazio Enel and Spazio Enel Partner

In line with the regulatory provisions established following the recent Prime Ministerial Decree, some Spazio Enel and Spazio Enel Partner could be closed.

We would like to point out that our Spazio Enel adopt measures to prevent and contain the contagion from Covid 19 so that, in the case of regional ordinances and national dpcm that provide for the suspension of commercial activities, the appointment must be considered canceled.

We continue to ensure your health. At your disposal, and in safety.