2G Meter: what it is and how it works

Knowing your consumption habits helps you understand what to do in order to save money on your electricity bill. Until a few years ago, we had to wait for the bill to arrive at home and carefully analyse all the items of expenditure. Now the check can be carried out daily thanks to second generation (2G) meters, the new devices that are slowly replacing first generation electronic meters.

Technology has changed many aspects of our lives, simplifying actions that until a decade ago kept us busy for a long time. The new second generation meters are a clear example of how technology helps us in everyday life, thanks to features designed specifically for us. The second generation digital meter provides consumption data every 15 minutes, giving us the opportunity to know energy consumption in real time.

What the 2G meter is and how it works

The second generation smart meter records and updates consumption of kilowatt hours (kWh) every 15 minutes, helping the user to better manage their consumption.

Operating the digital meter is simple. By clicking on the reading button on the meter, some useful information on the supply will appear in sequence on the screen, such as:

  • Customer code;
  • Time slot in progress;
  • Instant power engaged;
  • Withdrawal reading in real time;
  • Reading of the current period (A1, A2, A3, R1, R2, R3);
  • Maximum withdrawal power (P1, P2, P3);
  • Date and time.

The LED lights near the display, on the other hand, are the consumption indicators.

Advantages of the 2G meter

There are many advantages of the new 2G meter, both for end customers and for energy suppliers:

  • Greater awareness of your consumption thanks to the possibility of checking the detail of electricity withdrawals every day, divided by single quarter of an hour;
  • Ability to send data to external devices, thanks to a dedicated communication channel;
  • Possibility of displaying absorbed power in real time at any moment.

Ore Free: the digital offer that exploits the potential of the 2G meter

Thanks to the 2G meter, energy suppliers can create customised offers based on consumption style. One example is Ore Free, the new Enel Energia electricity offer on the Free Market which takes advantage of the potential of the second generation (2G) electronic meter. With Ore Free we can benefit from an innovative advantage: the freedom to choose 3 consecutive hours every day in which the price of the energy component is € 0/kWh, excluding VAT and taxes. The offer is reserved to those passing over from another supplier, those who want to activate a deactivated meter (takeover) or those who want to have the supply of another person (transfer) in their own name.

Just download the Enel Energia app to display the consumption of each day, the cost details for the energy component and all other information useful for choosing the most suitable time slot. If needs change, you can modify the three hours free every day and up to 15 minutes before the start of the chosen time slot. Everything can be done from the app or from the Private Area of the Enel Energia website.

Take advantage now of Ore Free! With Enel Energia, keeping up with the times is easy and convenient.

Enel Energia

Ore Free

The new Power offer with 3 hours of free energy component every day

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    2G Meter

    Ore Free

    Choose 3 hours of free energy component every day

    €0,0/kWh **

    For you who own a second generation tele-meter and a contractual power up to 15 kW

    * Price per kWh applied every day for 21 hours a day and blocked for 12 months.
    ** Price per kWh applied every day in the 3 free daily hours chosen by the customer.
    Prices refer only to the energy component (excluding VAT and taxes)

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