Bill correction

When your actual reading is less than your estimated consumption

An easy way to get your bill corrected

If you have received a bill reporting a consumption higher than your meter reading, you can ask for a correction of the bill. 
Simply visit our website and:

  • access to Customer Area reserved for you (enter your user-id and password)
  • select the menu item "Bill correction" in the "Bills" section
  • enter the reading taken on your meter
  • an email will confirm the issue of the correction invoice

Remember that only bills with an estimated reading (advance payment bills) can be corrected and that if you request the correction of a bill that has already been paid, you will receive a refund of the amount paid in excess. Also bills paid by direct debit may be corrected (in this case you will have to specify whether you want to block the automatic payment procedure or not).

What to do if the bill has a lower estimated consumption than your actual meter reading? In this case, it is sufficient to notify the self meter reading applicable to the period indicated on the bill (this information is provided on the first page of the bill). In the following bill you will find the billed consumption based on the reported reading.