Bill correction

When your actual reading is less than your estimated consumption

If you have received a bill with a higher reading than the one you read on the meter, you can ask for it to be corrected from the Customer Area of ​​our website or from the Enel Energia App. In both cases, after logging in:

  • in the Customer Area select the item "Correct bill" in the "Bills" section and in the Enel Energia App select the "Correct bill" item in the "Supplies" section
  • enter the reading on your meter
  • an email will confirm the issue of the correction invoice

Remember that only bills with an estimated reading (advance bills) can be corrected and that if you request the correction of a bill that has already been paid, you will receive a refund of the excess amount paid. The correction is also possible for domiciled bills (in this case you will have to specify whether or not you intend to block the automatic payment of the invoice).

What is a down payment?

The down payment bill is calculated on the basis of estimated consumption, for electricity supplies the power and historical supply readings are considered, while for gas supplies the historical supply readings are used, based on the periods of the year and to the contractual year volume subscribed. 

What to do if your bill has a lower estimated reading than what you read on the meter

In this case it is sufficient communicate the self-reading in the period indicated on the invoice (you can find this information on the first page of the bill). In the next bill you will find the billed consumption based on the reading communicated.