Bill Payment Status

In the Customer Area, you can always keep your payments under control

Payment information

The bill must be paid by the due date, which you'll find under the heading "Total to be paid" on the first page. Remember that if you pay after the deadline you may be charged additional costs. Click here for more details. The easiest and fastest way to pay your bill is by direct debit (bank details/address/credit card). Click here to discover the benefits and all other payment methods.

Enel Energia helps you to remember the due dates for your bills. Activate InfoEnelEnergia free from the Custome AreaClick here for more info.
Do you need to redeem an invoice? If you want to request payment of your bill in instalments, find out how to do this by clicking on this link.


Bill payment status

To check the status of your payments, go to the Customer Area ! You can check the following information for each bill: 

  • Paid: payment of the bill received and recorded.
  • Not paid: payment not yet received. Remember to pay your bill by the due date to avoid any late payment charges.
  • Payment being processed: payment has been successfully completed: registration is in progress, the status will be automatically updated for the bill paid, as soon as we complete the transaction.
  • Instalments: bills for which payment by instalments is active. For all the information click here.
  • Current account bank details/address/credit card: bills for which a direct debit is active. If you have not yet activated direct debits, click here for all the necessary information.

Late payment

You may be charged interest on arrears for each day of delay if you pay your bill late, as well as the costs incurred for any payment reminders. In addition, we remind you that if your supply is suspended due to non-payment, you will be charged for the reactivation of the service. For more information, click here.

Once payment has been made, you can always monitor its status in the Customer Area.
Activate direct debit to avoid late payment!

Do I have to report the payment of an expired bill??
If you have paid with Lottomatica Servizi - Sisal Pay - Coop-enabled points of sale - Cbill - CityPostePayment - Paytipper - or the Enel Energia website and App, you will not have to send a receipt. We will automatically register your payment! If you have chosen a different payment method, and have already received a registered letter/PEC letter of warning - notice of the suspension of your supply - immediately check the payment status in the Bills and Payments section of the Customer Area.