Bill Payment Status

Keep your payments under control

To check the status of your payments you can:

  • access the Customer Area and select "View bills" on the provision of interest;
  • use the Enel Energia App and select "Bills" in detail supply.

For each bill you can check the payment status.

  • Paid: bill payment received and recorded.
  • To pay: payment not yet received. Remember to pay your bill by the deadline to avoid any overdue invoice charges.
  • In payment: payment completed successfully: registration is in progress, the status will be automatically updated when the bill has been paid as soon as we complete the operation.
  • Installed: bill for which an installment is active.
  • Debited to current account, credit card, PayPal account: bill on which direct debit is active.
  • Debit under verification: bill for which the debit of the amount on the current account or credit card is being verified at your credit institution.
  • Canceled: the bill has been canceled.
  • Accredited: bill with a negative amount that has already been credited to another bill or reimbursed.
  • To be credited: bill with a negative amount that must still be credited to another bill or to be refunded.
  • Nothing to pay: bill of zero amount that is not to be paid.
  • Not payable online: bill that cannot be paid from the Customer Area and the Enel Energia APP because it is entrusted to a credit collection agency.

Once payment has been made, the payment status will change to "Paid" after approximately 48/72 hours.

Payment Information

The bill has an expiration date which we report on the first page under the heading "Total to be paid", failure to comply with it may generate costs additional.

To avoid forgetfulness or delays, a quick and easy solution is to use direct debit to pay the bill (bank/post office/credit card/PayPal account). For more information, see the page dedicated to payment methods.

What happens in the event of an overdue bill

If you pay your bill late, you may be charged default interest for each day of delay and the costs incurred for any payment reminders. The suspension of the supply for arrears as well as the possible reactivation of the service also have a cost.
For more information visit the page dedicated to arrears.

Should I report the payment of a late paid bill?

The copy of the payment is only necessary if you have received a notice to comply, your supply has been deactivated and you have paid with channels other than those listed below:

  • payment notice pagoPA (consult the website pagoPA the list of payment channels);
  • Enel Energia website, by registering on the Customer Area, using your credit card, BancomatPay, PayPal, MyBank, pagoPA;
  • from the App Enel Energia using your credit card, your PayPal account, pagoPA.

If you choose another payment method you must send us the receipt:

  • directly from Customer Area of the website, using "Sending proof of payment" functionality in the "Services";
  • by email at pagamentoriallaccio., attaching the copy in pdf or jpg format (the maximum size of the email text and the attachment must not exceed 10 Mb).

Activate Bolletta Web

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