Experience the “Giro d’Italia” with us through your stories

As it has been for over a century, the “Giro d’Italia” is making us passionate and keeps on doing it, mile after mile, until the 2nd of June at the finish line in Verona. If this event  succeeds in catching our attention so much, it is not only  for the sporting experience it offers every year, but because the stages of the competition remember us the stages of our lives, and this is how Enel Energia is living  this 102nd edition together with you. 

As the launch video Enel Energia created tells, cycling has the same ingredients of life: passion, effort, teamwork, descents and climbs, goals and directions to take. You talk about the “Giro” and you can see life in backlight. 

We are developing the story of "The Life’s Stages" together with you, hand in hand with the Giro. During every step of this edition on our social media channels, we are involving you in a narrative ecosystem where your stories are at its core

This is a chance to remember and share with us the most significant moment of your life, the one where you have put all your energy to achieve a goal: an interview, a marriage proposal, a journey around the world, a sporting success. For us of Enel Energia, along the 3.578,8 kilometers of this “Giro d’Italia”, there will not just be the Maglia Rosa and the rankings of cyclists but also all of you, together with the stories you have told us. 

Discover all the stages of life.

The Giro story, your story

On Enel Energia Facebook page you will find videos collecting your special moment’s stories which every day will be intertwined with those coming from the epic of this sport, as narrated by one of its greatest experts: the journalist Marino Bartoletti. On his short podcast “Si dice in Giro”, Bartoletti will tell stories and curiosities about the history of over a hundred years of this race. 

You will find the chronicle of the sporting event on Enel Energia twitter account with stages, arrival orders, rankings. Also here there will be Bartoletti’s touch and point of view, with his daily Bartolettweets. 

The intertwinings of your life and cycling will be the protagonists on Enel Energia Instagram account too, especially in the Stories, where fans will be able to tell their “stages” in two ways. 

With the first, called “Life’s Stages”, we will experience again the first time on a bike for Italians, their most epic sprints, the toughest climbs, the most exciting memories linked to the Giro. The second will be a real performance: people will compete in poems or proverbs dedicated to the race, love declarations to cycling, historical quizzes

All this accompanied by the inevitable and precious contribution of Bartoletti with his “Giro in Chat”: an imaginary but amusing conversation via WhatsApp with a friend to comment on tour events.

A new Giro has begun, another story to live and tell.