Widespread Exposure

Christmas in Bologna becomes sustainable with #ENELINCIRCOLO

After the stages of Milan, Padua and Verona, the initiative of #ENELINCIRCOLO continues its itinerary along the peninsula, stopping off in Bologna, a city which, with its porticoes declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, creates a meeting point between the public and private space, thus favoring the diffusion of new ideas, goals and new hopes. With this in mind, Enel Energia also intends to strengthen the link between citizens and their spaces, focusing and broadening the concept of circular economy and encouraging artistic recycling.

A Christmas dedicated to art

From 20 December 2021 to 9 January 2022 the city will promote the values ​​of sustainability and the importance of culture of the circular economy. Christmas in Bologna will be dedicated to artistic reuse. In fact, the Spazio Enel of the city will become collection centers for disused objects that will be transformed into a precious work of art thanks to the creativity of the master Dario Tironi. It will be possible to bring unused common objects to the points participating in the initiative which will be enhanced by becoming part of the work itself.

Below you can find the Spazio Enel participating in the initiative:

  • Spazio Enel - Piazza Liber Paradisus 16
  • Spazio Enel Partner - Via G. Masserenti, 458 B
  • Spazio Enel Partner - Via E. Ponente, 86E
  • Spazio Enel Partner - Via M. D’Azeglio 96B
  • Spazio Enel Partner - Via A. Costa 31A
  • Spazio Enel Partner - Via S. Donato 21

In these spaces some collection points will be set up where it will be possible to leave one's common objects to make them protagonists of recycling in a new artistic guise.

Telling the “Recycling Philosophy”

At the same time as the initiative promoted in the Enel Space, a real Widespread Exhibition will be set up in the heart of the city.

The four works by Dario Tironi made with the waste objects collected in the previous stages, will be positioned in the city center, specifically: at the courtyard of the well of Palazzo D'Accursio, Corte Isolani, Cavour Gallery and Spazio Enel P.za Liber Paradisus.

Each work will be accompanied by an illustrative totem and a didactic support that will invite citizens to go to our Spazio Enel, to actively participate in the initiative and thus become the co-creators of the new work.

Come and visit us!

As happened in the other cities, also for the Bologna stage there will be materials to communicate the initiative that will be available to citizens in all Enel areas involved. Postcards and catalogs will be created containing photos and descriptions of all the works exhibited during the event to tell citizens what is #ENELINCIRCOLO and the importance of a low environmental impact lifestyle.

All the initiatives will be carried out in compliance with the anti-contagion regulations in force and with the provision of all security systems in accordance with the law.

What are you waiting for? Come and visit us and be part of the change!

Enel in circolo is an Enel Energia project carried out in collaboration with the Municipality of Bologna.